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Family Factor: Does it influence home buying decisions or not?

Updated on August 8, 2016

Family Factors

Let’s examine how the family and societal components shape property choices and how these have developed throughout the years.

Purchasing a house is the absolute most essential use a family brings about and the way that it may happen once in their lifetime for most Indians joins significantly more significance to this groundbreaking choice.

The buy of a house is more than only a financial exchange in India. It includes a few social and passionate choices that can impact the home purchasing process. While customarily, the man of the house is in charge of giving the rooftop over his family's head, his inclination will be decorated by his family's financial and societal position, necessities, and additionally, desires. In the constantly developing times when most ladies are working and adding to the current pool of assets for a family, rise to weight is given to her choice too.

These are the following family factors that impact property purchases:

Family structure

One of the essential components influencing home purchasing choice is the structure of the family. The extent of the family is an essential thought for picking home. A joint family would require a free house with more space to suit every one of the general population while an atomic family can without much of a stretch manage with a 2BHK condo or a smaller house. Furthermore, a joint family will favour an area which takes into account the necessities to both the elderly and the more youthful individuals. Thus, hospitals, schools, child-friendly projects, temples, and additionally nearness to entertainment alternatives will be the key essentials for selecting a house.

Family culture

Traditional families have a tendency to lean toward the joint living set up while modern families are littler with more youthful eras spreading their wings and settle in various urban communities. Another distinction showed by Gaurav, who is the Vice President – Marketing of Dheeraj Realty, is that in customary families, men are usually the guardians and act as a more prominent part in decision making. Then again, in urban families, ladies have huge power in settling on property purchasing choices. This permits property investment choices to be affected by sexual orientation attributes.

Gender characteristics

Gaurav offers that real customer response researchers have seen that when settling on a buying choice, men tend to settle on faster choices with the lesser impact on others. Then again, ladies are more inclined to negotiations and attempt to take into account everyone's needs which extend the procedure.

Rise of independent women

With a more noteworthy number of ladies turning out to be fiscally free and the ascent in a number of twofold salary families, the land business sector is seeing an adjustment in purchase conduct and patterns. The accessibility of more prominent discretionary cash flow has changed the property choice procedure. Ladies are assuming a much greater part in property purchasing choices, and their needs and assessments are given equivalent significance in urban families.

While area and cost are still the most critical criteria for purchasing a property, different variables, for example, access to nightlife and brand name have likewise picked up significance. Moreover, the higher wage has opened up even working class families to the possibility of land as a real estate and additionally made second homes and weekend homes famous among the masses.


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