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Fauji's House: Decorating a Living Room Corner

Updated on August 18, 2011

Be it any posting, the Fauji houses look all same from inside and outside. Only few of the faujis buy their own furniture but most to avoid posting hassles, make do with the furniture provided along with the house. Most of us collect different curios from the cities we get posted to and so most of us end up having almost similar items!

As almost everything is similar so is the dilemma of decorating it too. And the most difficult is to decorate the corner of the living room with the type of furniture mostly provided... ....the G-shape tables and odd rectangular corner tables. Blocking the corner with single sofa chair or sandwiching it between two of them leads to nothing else than the accumulation of dust and cobwebs and a bad impression on the guests. So how do we decorate them?

- One way to soften the starkness of the corner is by putting Ferns at varying heights or tall plants like Ficus and Palms. A pedestal or hanging lamp completes the look.

- Hanging lamps at varying heights and bust of Buddha gives a Zen look to the corner.

- Small glass shelves on d-brackets can be used to display small curios. This gives a distinct character to the corner.

- If there is threat of the corner getting blocked by seating arrangement, the decorative pieces should be so placed as to be seen above the height of backrest of sofa seats. A higher square stool can be used.

- Dusting the corner is very much a necessity. The decorative items should follow a theme if possible.

If this doesn’t help, go ahead and splurge and get some of your own furniture that catches the eye of guests and becomes the “neighbours envy, owner’s pride”. Happy postings and happy decorating!


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    • shomaabhyankar profile image

      shomaabhyankar 4 years ago from India

      Thank you priya

    • profile image

      Priya Giri 4 years ago

      Beautiful ideas