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Feng Shui Bedrooms

Updated on November 5, 2017
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Dr Michael Oon is a Feng Shui Consultant with over 20 years of Experience. He has been trained in the traditional practise of Feng Shui.

This article on 8 Actionable Tips on Feng Shui Bedrooms is based on established methods have been used and tested over the centuries. This short article provides 8 useful tips to improve sleep. Sleep is one of the most important functions of the human body.

A typical double bed in a bedroom with the walls and floor carpet in an off-white colour. The bed had a dark blue trim.
A typical double bed in a bedroom with the walls and floor carpet in an off-white colour. The bed had a dark blue trim. | Source

Since we were born, we have spent about one-third of our lives asleep. Not only that, we have at least one room dedicated to sleep in our own homes. This shows how important sleep is and how high a priority we give it in our lives.

So, what are the benefits of Sleep?

Sleep allows us to keep:

* A healthy brain functioning

* Our emotional well being

* Retain our top physical health

* Maintain our performance and safety.

National Institute of Health (USA) - Why Is Sleep Important?

What happens to our bodies should we be deprived of sleep?

* Have a weakened the immune system.

* We put on weight more easily.

* Reduce our mental well being.

* Decreases sex drive and reduces fertility.

* Have an increased chance of heart disease.

NHS National Health Service (UK) - Why lack of sleep is bad for your health

There have been many publicized ways to improve sleep. They are:

* Avoid chemicals like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol.

* Going to sleep when truly tired.

* Avoid naps.

* Having light evening meals.

* Turn your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment.

Harvard Medical School - Twelve Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep

That is why we have rooms specifically for sleeping – the bedroom.

The purpose of this article is to show how Feng Shui can be used to create your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment. These methods have been in use for centuries, they are simple to apply and straightforward to use.


1. Location of Feng Shui Bedroom

A quiet place is an ideal location for the bedroom. The energy is calmer and this makes sleep easier. Therefore, a room somewhere at the back of the house or away from the activity areas like the living room or kitchen. Make sure that the bedroom is not over the garage.

2. The bed is the focal point.

The bedroom is for sleeping and the bed becomes the focal point. The bed should dominate the room. It is placed centrally and against the wall. Ideally, it should be fitted with a headboard.

A comfortable mattress with supportive pillows is particularly important as you will be spending about 8 hours on that bed every day.

Another example of a bedroom. In this room, the curtains allow light to come through. This luminosity depends very much on the occupants of the bedroom.
Another example of a bedroom. In this room, the curtains allow light to come through. This luminosity depends very much on the occupants of the bedroom. | Source

3. Feng Shui Bedroom - Room size and energy

The ideal bedroom is to be on the small side so that it can contain the energy. You do not need a larger space as this room dedicated to one activity - sleep. However, make sure there is space enough for each person to get out of the bed on their respective sides.

The room should be kept cool and well ventilated. If there is an en-suite bathroom, make sure that the door is kept shut to stop the energy draining away.

Have suitably heavy curtains to keep away the sunlight coming in. Light can interfere with the quality of sleep

Minimise the clutter in the bedroom as this impedes the flow of energy in the room.

Also, do not have gadgets that create an activity like television sets, computer games, computers, exercise bicycles and other work-out equipment.

4. Refreshing the energy in the Feng Shui Bedroom

Allow new energy to enter the room by opening the windows during the day. This will give the room a “refresh” with a change of new energy.

When changing the bed linen (clothes), allow the mattress and pillow to breathe for a few hours by delaying replacing the bed linen.

Try not wear or keep outdoor clothes and shoes in the bedroom as you want to maintain the cleanliness in the bedroom. You do not know what you could have stepped on in the street and bring it into the bedroom.

The cushion cover states it all.
The cushion cover states it all. | Source

5. Decorations of the Feng Shui Bedroom

The walls are to be painted with pastel or off-white colors. This is to reinforce the slow or gentle energy for the bedroom. Hence, the colors of black and deep red are not recommended. These color recommendations also apply to the bed linen.

6. Maintenance of the Feng Shui Bedroom

The skin sheds dead cells all the time. When sleeping, you are shedding about 8 hours worth. Therefore, change the bed linen regularly but also, sweep the floors to remove these flakes of dead skin. Wooden floors are preferred to carpets. It is difficult to remove all the flakes of dead skin in the carpet.

The mattress and pillows do not last forever. They should be replaced regularly every 8 to 10 years.

7. Fittings in the Feng Shui Bedroom

Fittings that affect the quality of sleep. These include:

* A mirror that reflects the sleeping body on the bed.
* Aquarium or water features.
* Frightening Images like ghosts or vampires.
* The use of black/dark or red/bright colors on the walls.

This is an example of an aspirational image. The meaning or purpose is stated clearly -HAPPY.
This is an example of an aspirational image. The meaning or purpose is stated clearly -HAPPY. | Source

8. Images of Aspirations for the Feng Shui Bedroom

Express your aspirations with images on the wall. For example, you want peace, harmony, and prosperity. Have family images showing these aspirations. Show what you want out of life.

I had a client who specialized in collecting pictures of "ship-wrecks". His life was a wreck but he could not understand why. I had recommended that he replace the images with uplifting and inspiring images, his life changed for the better almost immediately

Conclusion: These are just a few tips to improve your sleep using the techniques of Feng Shui. It involves the energy around you in your home. It does not involve special gadgets or procedures

Cats know where the best place to sleep is.
Cats know where the best place to sleep is. | Source


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