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Feng Shui Your Home and Bedroom

Updated on December 19, 2015

Feng Shui Living Room

Feng-shui techniques in a living room
Feng-shui techniques in a living room | Source

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of designing buildings and space arrangement according to special rules about the flow of energy, aimed at achieving harmony with the environment and landscapes. Feng Shui is basically an environmental science and its origins are simple. It is based on an interpretation of the natural world which enabled the Chinese to create efficient agricultural systems, and also the study of the movement of heavenly bodies in order to determine the passage of time.

As practiced today, Feng Shui gives us advice on how to create environments in which we feel comfortable and supported. Some of these environments are common sense. Others may not make sense until we understand that by recognizing problem areas in our lives and taking positive steps to improve them, we can connect the the energy of the spaces around us and bring about desired changes.

So as the Chinese say "First luck; second destiny; third Feng Shui; forth, virtues; fifth, education" What we do with out lives and how we behave towards others will play a part and education gives us the tools to make sense of the world. Feng Shui is just one part of the complete package.

Feng Shui Kitchen

Example of a layout that follows the Feng Shui rules below
Example of a layout that follows the Feng Shui rules below | Source

Any room can be improved using Feng Shui. The bedroom can be improved, the kitchen, the garden, the living room, bathrooms, and even closets! Feng Shui is a key part of every room.

Basic Feng Shui Rules

  1. Plants away from bed
  2. Small plants only. No big leaf plants.
  3. Plants only in large rooms
  4. Dimmer
  5. Use paintings/pictures you want to see happening in your life
  6. Bed: accessible from both sides.
  7. Bed: with 2 bedside tables, one on each side
  8. Bed: avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door. (If your feet are facing the door when you're in bed…that’s bad)
  9. Bed: Not under a window
  10. Bed: should have a window to the RIGHT (when you lie in bed)
  11. No lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans above the bed!
  12. Mirror should not reflect the bed, or face it!!!
  13. No sharp corners pointing at you when you sleep (furniture, walls, decorations…etc)
  14. Bed: Not under a window
  15. Bed: not on the same wall as the door
  16. Picture of loved ones should go in the southwest corner.
  17. Create separate areas for working and sleeping (curtain or something…)
  18. Create a clean “clutter free” entryway to the bedroom.
  19. Bed: IDEAL POSITION: Wall opposite of door, but not in line with it.
  20. Light fragrant candles or use an essential-oil diffuser (lavender induces relaxation, and jasmine, rose, and geranium scents are associated with love).
  21. Keep a lot of flowers in a vase instead of just one

Feng Shui Bedroom

Wide open windows allow opportunities to flow in. But only if you keep them clean!
Wide open windows allow opportunities to flow in. But only if you keep them clean! | Source

Beginning of a Healthy Transformation

Often with the initiative to begin a Feng Shui transformation, comes the initiative to lead an overall better and healthier lifestyle. Along with the new decorating you will be doing, strive to also achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Feng Shui Poll

What rooms are you planning to transform?

See results

Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui living room
Feng Shui living room | Source

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