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Feng Shui Gardening

Updated on September 17, 2009

When it comes to practicing and implementing feng shui, your garden is one of the most important aspectst for your home.  In my case, it's actually much more important than the inside of my home because I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time there.  I love being out in my garden for morning coffee, lunch, social gatherings, reading a good book, and for any other excuse I can possibly think of.  Feng shui in the garden only requires understanding some very simple principles, and does not require a degree of any sort.  It truly is not difficult.

The most important aspect to realize about feng shui is that it's not a religion.  Feng shui does not require the belief in any diety, it is only the art of placement to maximize good energy flow. To get the maximum peace, harmony, and good chi into a garden, it's important to balance the energies and correctly place all of the elements that will be in your feng shui garden.  "Feng Shui" literally means "wind and water" in Chinese, and these are the two elements you must have the most of in an Asian style garden

Water Element

Water in your garden can come in many forms. You can have a waterfall, creek, pond, or even just a running fountain or two. I love the sound of running or flowing water, so I have two running fountains, and a pond with a few beautiful koi fish.  If you live in a rainy area, you may want to consider the many options you have available for hand made fountains or a man made creek.  If you do choose to have a creek, be sure the flow of water is not away from your home, or you may be losing good energy rather than attracting it!

Wind Element

Wind isl always in your garden in one form or another. Wind will travel on its own accord and there is not very much you can use to control it.  However,  there are a few things you can use to appreciate it.  Some of your options include small windmills, chimes, trees and leafy plants, or any object designed to be animated by wind.

Besides from the two most important elements of wind and water, there are nine areas(gua) for a feng shui garden to have.  For lack of space in my yard, my areas blend into each other, which I've discovered actually creates a really nice effect. The guas are wealth, fame, partnership, family, children/creativness, friends, career, knowledge, and the center gua is energy/health.  Each gua is amplified by use of elements(fire, wind, water, earth, wood, or metal) and colors that represent the core of the energy. Here is a very brief overview and some tips.


Wealth is represented by the color rich purple, as in royalty colors, and soft wood such as Birch. This is very easy to accomplish in a garden with bushes, purple flowers, and even garden decorations if you choose. The wealth gua should be located in the rear left portion of your garden.


Fame is also a very easy gua to decorate, as it is represented by bright colors and unique designs.  The best color to use in the fame gua, located in the rear of your garden, is red. You can use a multitude of different flowers for this, or use bright and fun garden decorations.  The fame area is a very visually stimulating area, and a ton of fun to build up.


Partnerships/relationships are amplified by the element earth.  To balance this gua next to the the fame area, you should be sure some earth is exposed in this area, and use colors like pink and white if you choose to plant flowers here.


Family bonds are strengthened by the using the core color of dark green, the element of hard wood, and running water.  So consider using a sitting area that combines all of these elements and the whole family can sit in together.  This can be on the patio or porch that looks out to the garden, but be sure to place this area in the left center area of your garden.


Energy's best color representation is yellow, of course.  Having a focal point in your garden using  shades of yellow or even orange, with standing water can serve as the perfect hub of a Chinese garden. This does not need to be more than  imple birdbath, but it can also be a pond or well.


Children zones are easy to build. Wind chimes or bells are natural choices for this gua, as they simulate child laughter and joy, and harness the best element for this area: wind. The color to use most here is white to show innocence and purity.


Friendship bonds are aided by benches or seating areas in any open air environment, so consider using them in this area. Silver is the strongest color for friendship, and hard metal is the best element to use. So a natural choice is a metal bench painted silver. Keep plants pleasant here and if you'd like flowers, use white ones.


The career gua is meant to encourage a good work ethic and success in your career ventures. Use water here in accordance with what you wish for your career. Running water represents flow and change and progression, while standing water represents peace, and steadiness. The colors black and dark blue are used in the career zone, and put this gua in the front center area of your garden.


Knowledge is definitely one element in feng shui that should not be denied its own area/gua. Many of these areas can be combined or blended together to save space, but knowledge should be represented by a semi-private area optimized for personal meditation and reflecting. Use colors such as tan, brown, and yellow, and the eath element.  In ancient China, the earth was believed to be the source of all wisdom and knowledge, so don't be afriad of a little dirt from time to time.

A well laid garden is always visually pleasing, but it can also promote health and well being.if energies are harnessed correctly. Not to mention it's a lot of fun!  Having a plan before building a garden will help you get the most out of every inch of your garden, but feel free to improvise here and there, too.

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    • ChrissyDean profile image

      ChrissyDean 8 years ago

      Great! I do, too. :D

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I love all things feng-shui! Thanks for this hub! I will share it with my feng-shui buddy.