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Filthy Sponge Mops

Updated on October 4, 2010

I recently saw on Mythbusters how horribly dirty kitchen sponges can be. They showed how bacteria absolutely thrive in these moist environments. The next day, I was cleaning the bathroom floor with my sponge mop and it hit me that if my kitchen sponge is bad, this sponge mop that I use in my kitchen and bathrooms is probably the most disgusting thing on earth! Of course I use a strong cleaning agent, but I had never sanitized it before.

After reading, How To Clean A Mop, I decided to start using a hydrogen peroxide solution to clean my floors. It does a really good job, and it sanitizes the mop head at the same time. It also costs less than the cleaner that I had been buying. I found some other good tips as well. Make sure that you store your mop head up to help it dry completely. Also, it may be time to invest a few dollars into a modern, self-wringing microfiber mop. I will be getting one soon!

Besides hydrogen peroxide, you can also use white vinegar to clean your dirty sponges. Another great tip is to throw your sponges into your microwave. Wet them with clean water first and blast them for about 30 seconds. The microwave with excite the liquid inside the sponges and destroy any living organisms very quickly. Just make sure to let them cool before you handle them as they will be extremely hot! Also, do not put any metal into your microwave if you want it to last more than a few months!


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      Vandelay 5 years ago from United States

      Your welcome!

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      776709 5 years ago

      awesome thanks