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Finding A Reliable Locksmith – How Important Is It?

Updated on October 11, 2014

Let’s face it – we need a locksmith some or the other time. Especially if we are very active, always on our toes, traveling a lot and dancing as directed by the hands of our watch, we are bound to lose keys, forget them inside the home and lock the door, lock out of car… the list of possibilities is endless! But, how to trust a locksmith? After all, we handle him/her our security products which make him/her know their every detail. Doesn’t it ring a danger alarm in your mind? So, what to do in such cases? Let’s consider some points.

Match Address And Phone Number

To start with, check the locksmith’s address and match it with phone number. This is an easy, yet quite sure way to check his/her reliability. Nowadays, many locksmith companies perform a cell enterprise which you should be weary of. Choose locksmith companies which have definite identities as a company and have confident answers to your queries about licenses and legal documents.

Asking Quotations On Phone

Another way is to ask for a quotation on phone. If the locksmith is experienced, which means s/he is in the business for many years, s/he won’t hesitate a bit to give the entire price list for various jobs or for a particular job you have asked for. Make sure if s/he charges extra for night visits or as per mileage. Make sure to get thorough details before you order his/her service. It is also recommended to get a few quotes and compare them with other companies to find the best. However, remember that cheaper is not always better. You should get quality service and reliability first; price comes next.

Check Credentials

After doing this much, if you think that your job is over and you’ve got a good locksmith, wait! That’s not all. The main job starts after the locksmith arrives. Check his/her license and all the credentials and identity proofs. Ask for his/her business card. Next, ask for the bill and check it thoroughly to confirm whether it has the logo and name of the company and license number.

S/He Too Should Ask You Questions

Another way to realize the reliability of the locksmith is the question s/he asks. Yes, ifs/he is reliable and authentic s/he too will check whether you really are the owner of the home or car and ask questions to confirm it.


Skill is of course the most essential quality of the locksmith. S/He should be able to handle the job with an ease and proficiency. After s/he finishes the work, ask for an itemized bill to check whether all the components are correct for which you will be paying up.

Check For Any Unsettled Complaints

Another definite way also exists; but for that, you need some time in hand. You can enquire with the Better Business Bureau if there are any unsettled complaints against him/her.

Check Customer Reviews

You can also check the customer reviews of the company. These reviews can give you a better judgment if the company is reliable or not. They help you in understanding what types of work the locksmith can do. It is good to choose a company with a lot of latest positive reviews.

You should also see to it that the company is prompt to keep promises, regarding timing and quality. You should ensure if they have provided quick service in the past. Look especially for their service during emergency situations. The locksmith who handles emergency situations well is by far a good and reliable locksmith.

Finding a dependable locksmith is not hard. However you should take due care and take some pain for confirming his/her reliability. Once you find such a reliable locksmith, you can call him/her anytime for the difficult situations you go through during your busy life.

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