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Finding The Perfect Switch Plate Cover

Updated on February 22, 2011
Tinkerbell Switch Plate Cover
Tinkerbell Switch Plate Cover

Reasons To Get Switch Plate Covers

There are many benefits to having a switch plate cover on your light switches in the home. They are functional as they add a protective cover to the switches but they can also become a very decorative part of your home décor scheme if you choose correctly.

There are all types of designs that you can opt for and they can be made from several types of materials. Here are a few examples of what is currently available if you decide to buy online.

Tinkerbell and Butterfly Decorative Switchplate Cover

If you are looking to decorate a child’s room or a nursery, you may like to think about incorporating a Disney themed design. This is a beautiful example of what is currently available.

This Tinkerbell and butterfly switch plate cover has been handcrafted using decoupage which is a style of placing separate pieces of paper on top of each other and using a special glue to seal and protect the design.

This particular switch plate is made from heavy duty plastic nylon which means that it is virtually unbreakable. The screws are also included so that you can place it on your wall as soon as you get it without having to go to the extra trouble of searching for the appropriate fixtures and fittings.

Silver switch plate cover
Silver switch plate cover

Silver Switch Plate Cover

If you are looking for a very traditional design to compliment the décor of your Victorian inspired home furnishing, you may like to consider this timeless looking switch plate cover.  It is actually part of a collection called the Victorian Series and is made with an intricately formed pattern on the front casing.

You can choose from a single or a double switch plate cover depending on the type of light switches you are hoping to conceal. 

They are both made from satin nickel and come with the mounting screws included so you will be able to attach it to your wall with ease.

This is definitely a wonderful choice if you are looking for something with a bit of elegance.

Sports themed light switch cover
Sports themed light switch cover

Sports Themed Switch Plate Cover

There is certainly a wide range of styles to choose from and if you are after something with a sporting feel, you could think about purchasing this baseball inspired light switch cover.

This has the New York Yankees logo embossed on the front with the striped colours that are on the shirts.  This light switch plate is made from high quality aluminium which is both lightweight and incredibly durable. 

They come with pre-drilled holes so you can unwrap it and have it on the wall within minutes.


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