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Finding Used Heavy Duty Office Chairs at Garage Sales

Updated on November 25, 2014

Heavy duty office chairs are like a microwave that can cook a roast in ten minutes.  They take up all the space and the weight seems to exceed that of a small car but, you still love’em anyways.  Some crave for those extra special man-made things in life and with office chairs; the quality is more genuine with age.  It gives them character and also contributes to recycling. Today they are manufactured in large quantities with automated assembly lines and sadly, the true craftsmanship isn’t what it used to be.  Luckily, they are still around, and if dedicated enough to search, can usually be found quite often.  In the front lawn are where many will end up and a great place to start looking for one.

There is nothing else like going on an adventure, scavenging around looking for things of high value at garage sales.  The saying is really true; “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and if you look through enough of their trash, it just a matter of time until you find that treasure.  Finding that perfectly aged, heavy duty high back office chair can be much more rewarding than shopping at an office store. It really depends on the time of year, however.  Typically, garage sale shopping is best during the garage sale season.  That is: Spring time.  With a New Year and new life sprouting about, it has been tradition to do what is often called “Spring Cleaning”.

Bulky armrests and huge cushions is a sure sign of extra heavy duty office chairs nearby. Check the fabrics of the chair for any rips or rotting going on. Yes, old chairs tend to have wooden frames and these can rot easily over a decade or two. Try sitting on the chair and make sure the armrests seem solid enough. If you are the DYI type, it would be worth it to take interest in rotted or broken chairs as well and fix them up. You may never see another one like it. Cheap heavy duty office chairs in fancy stores don’t compare and they’re certainly not hand crafted. Cheap? They probably cost more than a used chair, anyway.

There are not many heavy duty adjustable office chairs out there and there is a reason for this.  Back then, adjustments were not very common in chairs because there was no need.  Ergonomics were unheard of and if there were adjustments, it was rare and usually reserved for high paying executives who were amongst the few who could afford such chairs.  This is not to say that the average person can’t own one today.  If you are to come across one someday in your travels, as a collector or not you may want to evaluate the condition of it and its features and consider the real value of it.

Possibly one of the most rewarding careers that some have are the ones that let you travel. Garage sale picking for things of antique value can be very rewarding. In fact, there are even TV shows about people who actually do this for a living. A great living at that! They’ll find a heavy duty office chair for sale and instead of checking the level of comfort, they check for a brand or a type of marking that depicts who made the chair and possibly what year it was crafted in. Collectors will buy it from the picker who found it at a garage sale and pay for it – top dollar – just for the sake of having it. Sometimes, well over a thousand percent of its original retail value!

Whether it’s about the adventures you take along the way of garage sale picking or the excitement of finding things at such ridiculously low prices. Everyone has some sort of joy from buying things from other people and it really is a win-win situation.  Helping out the local community or distant community for that matter, the fact that it means helping a family can be all it takes to feel gratitude. One can find it hard to get gratitude by paying top dollar for an office chair at a place like WalMart.


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