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Fireplace Candle Holders - Iron Hearth Candelabra Stands and Candlesticks

Updated on February 16, 2012

In modern times, many new homes are not being built with a functional hearth and those of us who still have the option available to us, do not light up our fires as often as we used to. That doesn't mean that feature of out home needs to become redundant however, and that's where fireplace candle holders and other accents like inset candelabras, decorative fire screens and other adornments come into play.

A fireplace candelabra offers the best of both worlds, offering the beauty and romance of flickering flames when lit whilst still being an attractive and elegant accent the rest of the time.

The really nice thing about fireplace candlesticks is that you can put them to use all year round. You wouldn’t want to light your logs in the middle of summer (and many states ban you from doing so anyway during hot, dry periods) because, as much as you might enjoy the sensual ambiance of a roaring fire burning in the hearth, you definitely wouldn’t want the extra heat. The alternative are candelabrum which look gorgeous when lit up, giving that romantic flickering flame effect without adding pumping out heat into your house. Even when not lit, hearth candles are an attractive aesthetic addition to your home and are available in multiple styles to suit any home or occasion.

The variety of styles available enables you to tailor the look and feel of your fire surround to suit your own personal style but also allows you to switch out the hearth candles for something more suitable during certain events and times of year. For example, during the winter holidays you can switch out your normal, every day decorative inglenook candelabra and replace them with Christmas holiday themed candle stands instead which fits in with the rest of your holiday decorations. Or, you might like to choose a patriotic candlestick to celebrate 4th of July, or simple change with the seasons, opting for fall colors in the fall, spring in the springtime etc. Sometimes this is a simple case of switching out the votives for more suitable colors and decorating in ribbons and other embelishments, but you can get as creative as you like.

Using Candles To Light Up Glass Screens

Fireplace candles look great behind stained glass firescreens. These decorative glass screens are generally not recommended for use with really hot flames but are used instead to add beauty and a touch of elegance to what is otherwise a gaping black hole in the wall when there are no logs blazing away. Lighting a beautiful cast iron fireplace candelabrum behind a decorative glass screen really brings out the beauty of the stained glass design giving it a romantic flickering backlight which makes the glass glow with rich hues and colors as it was designed to do.

Resin Tealight Log Candles

These fake fire logs are a great way to accent your hearth with real looking firewood made out of molded resin. Each molded resin firelog features several tealight candle holders inset into the log which when lit, produce the attractive warm glow of candlelight flickering over lifelike looking logs. It's a great way to get the effect of a flickering firelogs without the hassle of cleaning out soot and ashes, lugging in firewood from outside or dealing with unwanted excess heat during the warmer months.

How To Select A Hearth Candelabra Holder

Not all homes feature the same type of home decor and this is why it is important to choose carefully when you buy a fireplace candle stand.

The first thing to look at is the actual measurements of the aperture itself. You want to make sure your choice actually isn’t either too big, as some wide ones are not suitable for narrow hearths, or too small and will get swallowed up and look a little silly in a larger space. The width is important but so is the depth. Some apertures can be very shallow and some types of candelabra surprisingly deep. Be sure to check the dimensions before making your purchase by measuring everything first.

Your own personal style comes into play too, as both hearth and mantlepiece candlesticks come in a wide variety of styles and material types. You can find black ornate wrought iron fireplace candles with scrolls and swirls to give that victorian or gothic look just as easily as you can find modern brushed nickel and chrome versions which wouldn’t look out of place in the most contemporary home setting. Those same gothic style would look silly in a high tech home though, so choose carefully. You can find anything from tealight logs designed to look like stacked firewood to multiple branched chandelier style candelabras. There are lots to choose between.

Romantic Candle Holders For Valentine's Day Gifts

If you are looking for a unique gift idea or an unusual gift suggestion for Valentine’s Day, or just because you want to but a romantic present for her, then an attractive hearth candle holder might be just what you are looking for. If the lady in your life loves candlelight then she will probably also love a scented fireplace candle holder too. You can find ornate scroll hearth candle stands with heart shapes within the iron scrolls which are ideal. Coupled with some red roses, this is a romantic gift which will not soon be forgotten and she’ll think of you every time she lights them. Perfect!

Candle Stands For Narrow Hearths and Fireside Candlesticks

Even if your area is very shallow there is no reason why you can not use candlesticks to add to its attractiveness when it is not in use. A heavy brass or cast iron fireplace candelabra looks just as great set in front of a built in gas fire as it does inside the hearth itself. You can find shallow candelabrum to fit on narrow spaces so no need to worry about not having room for them either. If a wide centerpiece isn’t what you are looking for then you can also find pairs of heavy fireside candlesticks which look good placed either side with pillar or votive candles to accent it.


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