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Five Ways to Use Modern Bar Stools

Updated on March 20, 2011

Originally, bar stools were just that; a wooden or metal pole bolted to the floor of a bar with a circular seat attached to the top for customers to sit down and enjoy their favorite brew. Modern bar stools still have that same concept but in many different colors, shapes, and are more practical for your home. Of course, you probably wouldn’t want to bolt or nail a bar stool down onto a kitchen floor. This is why some are specially made for bars and others for more practical, residential use.

It’s important to maximize the usage of furniture that’s just lying around the home and bar stools is a great example of that. Even if you don’t already own one, there are so many ways to use them it would be silly to never consider putting it on your wish list. In your kitchen, in the garage, around the pool, or well, in a bar! The possibilities are endless and with a wide range of designs, you are likely to find something to fall in love with.

A modern bar stool from DefySupply
A modern bar stool from DefySupply

In the Kitchen

Possibly one of the most common uses is in a kitchen. Particularly at a counter which has enough leg room to sit comfortably at. Many modern kitchens built today are more open and allow a sort of “bar area” if you will. This is very nice if you are usually stuck making dinner every night and don’t want to feel trapped in steamy room. You can see over the bar area into the next room and family members can come sit at on the stools to eat dinner there instead of clogging up the inside kitchen area.

Useful in work areas

If you have a workbench in a shop or garage, you can find modern bar stools cheap from many online stores. These are very handy in this type of environment because you’re typically never sitting down for a long period of time. Being able to have a light-weight, easy to sit down in and easy to move stool makes it that much more practical in a working environment. Buying them at a low price is logical because they could easier get damaged from heavy machinery or spilt chemicals. Also, garages and shops tend to get dusty and if you do any sort of welding, the area will collect a lot of metal dust which is even worse for furniture. However, with one of these, cleaning is as simple as getting the hose out or taking a damp cloth and wiping it down.

Even Pools, Patios and Decks

A typical barstool might seem well out of place on a patio or alongside a pool area. With modern bar stools this isn’t the case anymore. Designs can be elegant enough to fit in with luxury indoor swimming pools or your typical wrap-around patios and wooden decks. An excellent choice for outside would be one of the Zuo modern bar stools which provides a very clean look and complements many outdoor tables. If a more vintage look is appealing, than check out some of the Danish modern bar stools available. Four legged, three legged, or one leg. Whichever your style is, they all work perfectly for sitting down in and reading a book outside on a beautiful sunny day.

Works great as a substitute

Another great reason to have a modern bar stool is substituting it for other uses, like a drafting chair for instance. Drafting chairs can tend to be very pricey and are usually very comfortable due to the long tedious hours that any given professional or hobbyist drafter may work in a day. Bar stools are typically very comfortable depending on which design and material they are made from. With a decent drafting table, any medium or high quality stool will complement perfectly and cost a lot less than an average drafting chair. Once you have saved enough money to buy a real chair, then you can always bring the stool to the shop or patio to keep it useful.

Use it as the name implies

Last but not certainly not the least common, they can be used in bars as the name explains. A Bar in your basement or on the corner of main street serving the public, either way, this is what they are made for. However, because these stools have been modernized and also made for homes, real bar stools tend to be a little different and this is typically for good reason. Actual bar stools are sturdier and usually are bolted to the floor to prevent any intoxicated customers from breaking their necks. These stools sit up higher than any average household stool and typically made tougher to withstand years of wear and tear. More modern swivel bar stools are common in some of the fancier bars and restaurants and also can be purchased for the home but with a much higher price tag, of course.

It can be fun to find new uses for things that are typically made for only one purpose.  Especially with furniture and bar stools definitely fill a wide range of needs.  There are more than five, that’s for sure, but these five reasons are probably some of the most common and practical of all.  In the future, if I find more great uses for these pieces, then I will be sure to expand on this useful article.  Stay tuned!


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