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Five reasons why installing a home surveillance system is a good idea

Updated on October 5, 2012

The prospect of installing home surveillance can be received negatively by many home owners because of the associated costs.

However, have you ever stopped to think of the substantial benefits that surveillance systems bring? Even the presence of surveillance equipment can be a powerful tool to have at your disposal and the equipment doesn’t have to be expensive and should purely reflect the type of budget you’re working with.


The biggest advantage of installing a home surveillance system (even if that system contains just one solitary camera) is the deterrent that if provides for potential criminals. Make sure that the surveillance is clearly noticeable from the outset of your property otherwise you will be sacrificing the main beneficiary of your investment.

Alarm system

Some surveillance systems come with something that is known as a “panic button”. If you are certain that your property is being illegally breached and you find yourself in significant danger then you can activate this panic button which, in turn, alerts the local emergency services to the incident. This is an effective tool to home owners – particularly elderly – who are looking for some peace of mind.

Remote storage

If you have the capacity to hook yourself with what is known as an IP camera then you will have the ability to store all your audio and video footage over a network – giving you unprecedented access to recorded footage over a wireless network. However, it must be stressed that this type of investment is likely to be only attractive to businesses who can afford the associated costs of a competent network and the equipment itself.

Doorstep surveillance

Some people are particularly careful or suspicious of people approaching their property and could find a significant benefit in implementing a form of doorstep surveillance that gives the user the opportunity to view who is at their door from within their home. If somebody is unrecognisable or unexpected, the home owner has every right not to answer the door.


If anything does happen to your property and you become infiltrated then having a home surveillance system in place will provide you with the golden evidence required to track down a criminal. Hopefully it won’t come to that and the very first advantage mentioned in this piece should act as the ultimate catalyst for protecting your home from unwanted visitors.


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