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Floating Fairy Garden

Updated on June 22, 2017

Gather your items!

First and foremost, you need your fairy and trinkets. You can find these at most hobby stores!

Next, select the plants you would like to use. I chose Jade, Pothos (Devil's Ivy), a Silver Kelp, Wandering Jew, and Purple Heart.

Don't forget your planter and soil!

Ready? Let's get started...

Begin by prepping your plants. If you bought rooted plants, skip this step. I took clipping of larger plants for my garden. Just place the clipping in some water for a week or so. Once roots form, you are good to go!

Preparing the Planter

I chose basket style planters, but didn't want it to drain everywhere when watered.

Place a plastice bag on the bottom and cover with a coconut basket (you may have to cut it to fit your planter). Next, fill then planter about halfway with soil.

Once you have decided where you want your fairy knickknacks to go, begin planting your plants!

You never want to pack the soil in too hard when planting! Plants need to breathe.

Be sure to add some moss for a homey, grasslike feeling. You can purchase a bag from your local hobby store.

After your plants and larger objects are secure, begin decorating!

I chose to add a picket fence, a pebble stepping stone path, and a rock for a "boulder" aesthetic, if you know what I mean...

I also added some fake plants to add a magical flare.

For the final step, and this is completely optional, attach a hanger.

You can buy a hanger planter or follow this simple steps:

1. Find an old hanging planter (if you use a basket, a wire hanger works best).

2. Unattach the previous planter.

3. Secure hanger to your fairy garden *ahem* floating fairy garden.

Enjoy your Floating Fairy Garden!


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