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Different Flooring for Different Rooms in a Home Remodel

Updated on May 17, 2014

Flooring Options for a Home Remodel

Have you made up your mind to remodel your home but aren't sure what to do with the floors? There are a variety of flooring options for homeowners to choose from. The choices include:

  • hardwood
  • laminated wood
  • carpet
  • tile

In some instances, certain types of flooring are more appropriate than others depending on room's function. For instance, tile in the bathroom makes more sense than tile in the bedroom.

Continue to read this article for a rundown of the different types of flooring you can consider for different rooms in your home remodel project.


Flooring Considerations

Some of the factors that help you determine the type of flooring most appropriate for each room include such things as:

  • How much traffic does that part of the house get each day?
  • Are there small children or pets in the home?
  • Are there extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations in the region?
  • Will the flooring have to tolerate spills and other accidents?

These are questions homeowners may want to consider and tuck into their heads as they proceed with planning their home's flooring. Knowing the answers to these questions can help make the remodeling process proceed smoothly without any major hitches.

Flooring Choices

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Hardwood FloorReclaimed Tile FloorCarpetingLaminate Flooring
Hardwood Floor
Hardwood Floor | Source
Reclaimed Tile Floor
Reclaimed Tile Floor | Source
Carpeting | Source
Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring | Source

Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring can range from stone and ceramic tile to hardwood or laminated wood. Generally, the kitchen is a high-traffic area, making it essential to lay down a durable surface. The best material to use in the kitchen is stone or ceramic tile, especially of homeowners spend a great deal of time cooking or entertaining.

For those who would like a more comfortable feel under their bare feet, hardwood floors are also a great option. Hardwood is not as durable as stone or ceramic tile, but continues to be a very popular material for kitchen floors.

People on a budget will be inclined to purchase vinyl tile flooring. This is great for people who are crunched for cash, but the vinyl will not last as long as its stone and ceramic counterparts.

Dining Room Flooring

The dining room floor of a home is usually an extension of either the kitchen or living room floors. It is best to stay consistent with either one of the other rooms. The room to be consistent with would depend on the layout of your home. Sometimes, the dining area is part of the kitchen. Most of the time, the dining area is in an open design as part of the living room.

What type of flooring do you have in your living room?

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Living Room Flooring

Most homeowners spend the bulk of their time in their living rooms, relaxing during the evening hours and over the weekends. Those who like area rugs tend to install hardwood or laminate wood floors. Wood provides the room with a warm feeling. The most popular wood varieties for hardwood flooring include oak, black walnut, and maple.

An alternate to wood floors in the living room is carpet. Although a little more difficult to clean than hardwood or laminate wood floors, carpeting is easy on the feet. Families with young children prefer carpet as a softer option for children to play on when they are milling around on the floor. Wood floors, however, are easier to clean if spills or accidents occur. This is truly a toss up and often ends up aligning more with owner preference than practicality, so to speak.

How to Install a Hardwood Floor

Bedroom Flooring

Most homeowners install carpeting in their bedrooms. This is likely due to the fact that a warm, soft floor is the first thing people want to feel when they get out of bed in the morning. A colder wooden or tiled floor may make it difficult for people to get going. A nice, thick, plush carpet is usually the best option for bedrooms.

Aside from carpeting, hardwood or laminate wood flooring is also very appropriate for the bedrooms. Area rugs can be used to help warm up the room and feet.

How to Install Carpet

Bathroom Flooring

The most popular type of bathroom flooring in homes today is stone or ceramic tile. Most remodels today include tiled floors to match the showers and walls. Tile is most suitable in an often moist environment that dries out daily, making the humidity fluctuate tremendously in some areas.

As far as tiles go, stone tiles look great in bathrooms. For the most durable product appropriate for the bathroom's environment, ceramic tiles are the most practical option.

Some people install wooden floors in their bathrooms. Although it provides a clean, sleek look, the wood will expand and shrink with the humidity, making it less durable over time. The wood will eventually warp or rot from the moisture.

It is important to avoid vinyl tiles at all costs. Although they may be economical at the time, they will eventually come up and peel off, requiring replacement after a few years. Vinyl is simply not made for the bathroom.

How to Install a Tile Floor

Floor Tile Design Ideas

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Finding the Right Contractor

One of the most important things to do when considering remodeling your home and changing up your flooring is to research the contractors in your area. If you have made the decision to hire a professional rather than doing it yourself, start looking and asking around.

In larger metropolitan and suburban areas, Angie's List is usually a great place to find contractors online. It is also a good idea to talk to friends and neighbors. Word of mouth is usually a safe bet. People are not afraid to tell you about negative contractor experiences.

When you are ready to find the right professional, gather quotes from at least two or three different contractors so you can compare them. Labor and material costs can fluctuate significantly between companies.

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