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Flower Plantation Tips

Updated on November 19, 2011

A well cared flower garden is a perfect example of what nature and man combined together can achieve. Its mere sight and beauty captures the imagination of its on lookers. Flowers give every season a color of life. However planting flower is not an easy task, it takes sweat and tears to create a flower garden of your dreams.

Flower plantation is hobby for some and occupation for others. What ever the case maybe floriculture is one of the more care demanding and more beautiful part of horticulture. Every flower distinguishes its season e.g. blood root is a specialty of spring while Narcissus is a creation of winter. Following are some common tips and general precautions when it comes to planting flowers:

Rose a perennial flowering plant.
Rose a perennial flowering plant.

Choosing The Right: Perennial Or Annual

Perennials are plants that can survive more than three years (possibly more than that) while annuals can only survive only one season.

Annual vary on season e.g. sweet asylum blossom in winter and marigold grow in warm climate i.e. summer.

Now, choosing a right perennial or annual for your garden is extremely important.

High grade seeds and seedlings must always be used when it comes to planting because they decrease the risk of early drying outs of plants and flowers. A well chosen perennial can live for decades.

Maintaining Your Ground

Maintenance in gardening is the name of the game. Soil having a good pH and organic materials produces good plants and healthy flowers. The plants should be watered regularly but beware too much watering can also cause some plants to rot.

It is preferred to plant flowers in spring season. Great stress must be applied when digging a hole in the ground to plant your flower keeping the diameter of the hole larger than the plant. When covering the hole back again makes sure no air is trapped in the hole by watering the hole. A well kept garden is the healthier garden.


The Flowers For Summer

The flowers of summers are beautiful and add breath taking beauty to your garden throughout the summer till the harsh winters. There is a large variety of colorful and gorgeous summer flowers available. Try to choose the flowers with colors that you think suit your garden best.

The best thing about the summer flowers is that they are easy to grow and require less care as compared to the flowers of other seasons. All they need is a direct sunlight for 6 hours daily and an ample supply of water.

The best time to plant these flowers is the early spring when the harsh weather has bidden its goodbye. The spring rain and the warm soil give them a perfect environment to grow.

While planting them one must follow certain instructions and should keep certain things in mind.

  • Firstly sow them six feet deep in the soil mixing them with compost and fertilizers.
  • The tall medium and short height flowers should be sown separately in a garden with a distance of 18 12 and 6 inches respectively.
  • It’s better for the flower bed of tall flowers to have a wall or fence behind them. By doing so the flowers will lean against the wall and would not shade the other flowers to grow.

  • The flowers of medium and short height should also be sown in a way that they get the maximum of light.
  • The choice of colors is important. Try choosing brighter colors that go along.
  • Water is very essential, but excess water can be dangerous. During the spring, the spring rain provides enough water, however through out the season they should be watered regularly but excess water supply can be dangerous to the plant.

The summer flowers can also be planted in beautiful pots and can be placed on the sills of windows or in front of the porch or anywhere. If taken care of properly, they can be alive through out the summer giving your garden a breath taking beauty.

Sunflower Growing Tips

The Flowers For Winter

The variety of flowers in the winter season is less as compared to the summer and the spring season. However, many beautiful flowers such as tulips and daffodils are the winter flowers.

Following instructions must be followed for the plantation of these flowers:

  • The bulbs of these flowers should be sown either before the extreme weather or after the snow when the weather is cold but the ground has thawed enough for the plantations to be made.
  • Every flower has a particular chilling period and they must be planted accordingly. For plants that require 6 to 8 weeks of chilling period must be planted some time before the fall.
  • While planting the bulbs of these flowers, make sure that you plant them with flat end down and pointy end upwards.
  • After planting water them well and cover them with a mulch to protect them from the harsh wind.

The Flowers For Spring

Spring is the perfect time for flower plantation. the spring represents the blossom of beautiful of flowers and this is the time when your garden is at the peak of its beauty. The variety of flowers to be planted is many. Following are some simple tips for planting flowers during the spring;

  • For the flowers to blossom on time, sow the bulbs of these flowers during April -June
  • The bulbs of these flowers must be planted as deep as the height of the plant.
  • Space must be given between the two plants.
  • A drainage soil is required for the spring flowers to grow. The soil must not be soggy.
  • They require a lot of care and they must be kept moist all the time. After blossoming special care must be taken of these flowers.


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    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Pakistan

      It really is a fun and refreshing thing to do. Thanks for reading! :)

    • theherbivorehippi profile image


      9 years ago from Holly, MI

      Great hub!! Beautiful pictures! My yard is covered in Crocuses and Daffodils right now...can't wait till the others come up!! Loving it! ;)


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