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Flower Power – Home Decorating Ideas with Floral Patterns

Updated on April 3, 2016

Floral prints in home décor have been popular for centuries. They add a unique element to the interiors that is fresh, warm and cozy. Floral prints are definitely welcoming; but incorporating them into the home décor can be quite challenging. You can get the entire look wrong if you do not follow certain basic rules.


Flower Power: Fresh Floral Prints

Floral fabrics are so much like real flowers; offering wide-ranging designs with distinct character. When doing up your home with floral prints you need to keep three things in mind –

Style and Pattern

Size of Flowers


Here is a lowdown on things you need to consider to ensure you get the floral décor right –

Maintain Balance

Balance is important when using floral prints as it affects the setting. There are different techniques of maintaining balance when using floral designs -

Avoid too many prints - A room filled with floral prints is going to appear cluttered. The key here is in incorporating floral prints in a subtle way; so they gel with the rest of the room. A room with floral prints all over the space will dwarf it.

Use a color code – If the walls in your room are brightly colored you can either tone down colors in the floral prints you use or pick colors that complement the setting. Yellow flowers on the drapes for instance will offset a blue wall or couch. Another good trick is to use floral designs in lighter or darker hues as those on your walls and furniture. Don’t add too many colors; a room with a riot of colors is not visually pleasing.

Use floral designs as an accent – A brightly colored pillow on a dark couch will instantly brighten the room. Similarly, a room with light colored walls and furniture can be perked up with floral motifs on accessories.

Floral accessories over floral sofa – In your eagerness to stay with a theme don’t make the mistake of placing floral cushions on a floral patterned sofa. The results will be disastrous.

Vintage vs. Modern – If the furniture in the room is vintage then keep the prints small. For a more modern look go for bold floral prints.

Floral wall mural
Floral wall mural
Beautiful floral cushions
Beautiful floral cushions

Focal Point

Floral motifs look good anywhere. A beautiful floral rug can instantly pep up a drab room. Additionally, you can add more color to the room by throwing floral cushions on chairs and sofa in similar colors as the rug. Here it is important to use a common color palette. Cushions with a dark background and a distinctive print, work best.

Vintage Prints
Vintage Prints

Follow a Theme

When using floral prints it is important to follow a theme. Themes can be used to add character to your interiors. Based on your furniture you can decide on a traditional or contemporary theme.

Traditional Floral Prints

Think vintage and you will probably visualize rose patterns in soft hues. Rose patterns in muted shades give a wonderful vintage feel. Delicate blooms on the wallpaper are a nice way of adding vintage to a setting. If you don’t want to experiment with something so dramatic then go for table lamps with traditional floral prints.

Other ways you can incorporate vintage floral décor include –

Placing tapestry cushions with prominent textured embroidery on the chairs or sofa

Using delicately embroidered table runners on the coffee table

A floral print tablecloth on the dining table does the trick too. This looks best in big, bold spray of flowers

Covering corner tables with floral table covers with a lace trim

Contemporary Floral Designs

Contemporary designs are bold with a generous splash of color. They are definitely more vibrant than their traditional counterpart and exude a positive energy. However, using them in a room can be a little tricky; because they can take over a space.

Here is what you should do with contemporary floral designs –

Be minimalistic

Use restrain when using these prints as they can easily dominate a room. You don’t want that happening so infuse them with the décor very subtly; so they do not over shadow the rest of the room

Create a focal point in the room using contemporary floral prints. In the bedroom, it could be a bedcover with a single floral pattern on a plain background

A huge floral mural on the living room wall can create a striking visual appeal

What matters most when you are decorating your home is that the room looks pleasant. No single element in the room should dominate everything else. The art of doing up a home is in creating an ambiance where the elements merge into one and another.


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