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Flower Seeds. Flowers that are easy To Grow from Seed.

Updated on October 24, 2012
 Photo:   Nasturtiums are easy to grow and have colorful flowers.
Photo: Nasturtiums are easy to grow and have colorful flowers. | Source

Sunflowers can grow to great heights and add color to the garden.

photo of sunflower grown by author.
photo of sunflower grown by author. | Source

Here are the names of flower seeds that are easy to grow from seed.

They are annuals which means that they will flower in the same year as you sow the seeds.

Although they are easy to grow and usually flower and produce seed easily Annual flowers will only live for one year.

Some flower seeds can be planted straight into a prepared seed bed area in the border of your garden where you wish them to flower. Other flower seeds will be best started of in a seed tray or pots of compost to be transplanted at a later stage of their development.

Always follow the instructions on the packets of seed you have purchased as they will be a guide to the optimum growing conditions for your annual flowers.

You may lose some of your seedling that are sown directly into the garden to slugs and snails. It might be worth sowing a few 'extras' in pots to transplant into the garden, if you know that this has been a problem in the past.

As plant that are annuals will not flower next summer it might be worth collecting some of the seeds for next year. However, the seeds that annuals sometimes set themselves in the garden and this is called self-seeding. The self-seeded seedlings from annuals may produce plants that become next year's flowers. This means that if an annual plant is allowed to self seeds and the seedlings those seeds produce remain undisturbed or carefully transplanted.

Growing flowers with children...

Some flower seeds are very easy to grow and they can make an enjoyable project to share with a small child. Although it just seems like great fun at the time. Planting the seeds caring for them by watering and watching the seeds grow and develop into flowers teaches the child many valuable lessons.

Growing a plant from seed requires patience and responsibility. The child learns to nurture the flowers it has helped to plant. If the seeds planted are something like sun flowers fun can come into watching which one will grow the tallest. Measuring how high the plant has grown introduces numbers. When growing different types of flowers comparisons can be made between the different varieties of flowers. Colours can be referred to and shapes of leaves and petals.

If you are growing flowers in a garden with children make sure there are no poisonous plants in the area and keep them away from any chemicals you may have for garden use.

When growing from seed, make sure you read and follow the instructions on the packet.

Plant at the right time.

If planting out of doors and you plant the flower seeds too early the frosts may kill the flower seedlings.

If you plant your seeds too late, they might not flower at all before the Autumn when they are at risk from an early frost.

Plant your flower seeds in fresh newly purchased compost, in clean trays or pots.

When you water use clean water. Rainwater is good but do not use dirty stagnant water, that may cause fungus or disease in your seedlings.

photo: Love-in-a-mist.
photo: Love-in-a-mist. | Source

Flower seed mats or seed tape.

Seed mats or seed tape are a very easy way to grow flowers the instructions will be on the packet. Basically it is just a case of preparing a patch of the garden that is suitable and then unrolling the required length of seed mat or seed tape and then covering it with earth to the required depth. If you wish to stagger the planting times to produce a longer flowering period you can sow the remaining tape/seed mat a week or two later.

Love in a Mist Flowers.
Love in a Mist Flowers. | Source

The easiest is planting flowers that grow from larger seed...

Nasturtiums, and sunflowers grow from seeds that are very easy to handle and plant due to their size you can pick up an individual seed and push it not a container or the garden soil to the required depth. This makes the spacing of your flower seeds much easier than when you are planting very tiny-fine flower seeds.

Nasturtium:Plant these seeds from April onwards and you can get these climbers in dwarf or taller varieties. The original nasturtiums were mainly in shades of orange but more variegated shades are available now. Leave approx 10-12 inches of space between each seed, plant about one inch deep and cover it with . If planting in a container put them closer together.


Cornflower. Plant the flower seeds in April where you want them to flower. This beautiful flower's original colour was blue but other shades are now available.

Calendula also known as a Pot Marigold have pretty yellow-orange, daisy like flowers.

Space the seeds about 8 inches apart, and plant one inch deep.

They will keep bloom all summer if you dead head them.

Late in the season leave some of the flower heads on and you will get seed to collect to sow or to give away. they will self seed in the area if left or you can store the seed in brown paper bags or envelopes.

Thin the self-seeded ones out that you do not want the colours/ shades may vary slightly.


Candytuft flowers from seed.

The flower candytuft comes in the annual and perennial. The annual is easy to grow and adds a colourful patch to the flower border.

Sow annual Candytuft in the spring to bloom in June and July.

The varieties of this annual flower come in beautiful shades. the ones I have usually grown are of the pink, white and lilac varieties which come in various shades of those colours. The shape of the candytuft flower is very distinctive as it has many petals.

These seeds require a sunny situation.

They are quite hardy, but do not transplant well.

It is best to sow the candytuft seeds where you wish them to flower and thin them out so that they do not crowd each other.


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