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Flowers and Other Gifts From Our Kids

Updated on September 7, 2013

Sweet Mother's Day Gifts From Children

A trio of cute little candle lamp candles.
A trio of cute little candle lamp candles. | Source

Lovely Turquoise Necklace from my Son

From an Indian Reservation in New Mexico.  He was so excited to give it to me!  Love it!
From an Indian Reservation in New Mexico. He was so excited to give it to me! Love it! | Source

Sakura Allure Tea Set from my Son

I couldn't believe this nice Teavana set was given to me on my birthday from my son.  He planned and planned for this and it was so lovely!
I couldn't believe this nice Teavana set was given to me on my birthday from my son. He planned and planned for this and it was so lovely! | Source

Bouquets of flowers from my boys

If I have learned one thing in my life so far, it is that life is flying by so quickly. I am 43 years old at the time I am writing this, and I have found myself simply astonished at the rate of time going by so quickly. Perhaps it is for this reason that among others that I look to the little joys along the way. Life can be hard and tiring at times. The little gifts we get from our children or loved ones can mean so very much. This article is sharing a few of those things.

For example, I have been happily surprised to receive little bouquets of hand picked flowers from my boys. They are the sweetest things, and I try to capture the memory as I can. How very precious that they would do this! Sometimes it isn't an actual flower, but the gift of sharing in a beautiful thing. Let me explain. For instance one night recently my older son who is 19 now, said, "Mom, come look at the beautiful moon outside!" I did. It had been a long day at work, and I was tired, but I went to look at it. Isn't that precious? I have heard other similar things like it. "Mom, come look at this beautiful sunset!" They just know I love stuff like that. It is a little gift that warms my heart. From a really cool bug or butterfly, to some of the gifts you see shared here in photo form, I love them all.

As seen in the last photo, I put the flowers into water right away and take a mental snapshot (at least) of the smiles they have when I do so. I think its a precious memory to have. Now that they are growing up so fast, its even more of a precious memory for a mother to have. The pictures shown here are taken years apart. Do you know that the pictures help me to remember just how precious and sweet these little things are?
This will likely be one of the positive things about how many people have phones and cameras on their actual person all the time. People have things handy to capture the moment. Even if it is meant to be shared with friends on Facebook or any of the other social media, they did capture a precious memory all the same!

Going backwards a little big in the photo order here, having started with the last one with flowers, let me jump to the top now. This was a gift of little candles from my son, aren't they cute? What I love more is the precious look on his face!

The neat bear turquoise necklace is just precious. My son had been on a mission trip to New Mexico. While there some of the people were selling their creative crafts and things with others. My son was drawn to this necklace. My friend that was there at the time said he thought and thought about it as he didn't want it to not fit me, etc. She tried it on for him to show him it would fit. He was so happy and bought it for me. I simply love it.

The other photo is of Sakrua Allure Tea from Teavana. It comes with a beautiful hand painted mug with a tea strainer in it, along with three bags of Sakura Allure Tea. I love it! He was so happy to give it to me, and I just love it.

I hope I never forget these things. It truly warms my heart. Thank you to my boys that think of me in these ways. I will always love you so much! To others out there that may be kids or adult kids, don't underestimate how much your gifts and thoughts can be that are given to your mother or other loved ones. They are treasures! If you are a mother, make sure they know how much it means to you or how thankful you are when you do receive a gift. That is something that likely goes without even having to say it, but you get the idea. Working with many elderly people, I see firsthand how quickly even the longest lives fly by. These little moments are the most precious of all.

© Copyright 2013 by Oceansnsunsets. All Rights Reserved.

Some of my very favorite things are the little ones, like Flowers!

A sweet little bouquet from my son.  These are sweet sweet memories.
A sweet little bouquet from my son. These are sweet sweet memories. | Source


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