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Folding Lawn Chairs - Lightweight and Durable

Updated on December 30, 2013

Folding Lawn Chairs - Portable and Comfortable

Folding Lawn Chairs are light weight, portable and durable.  Take the comforts of home with you.
Folding Lawn Chairs are light weight, portable and durable. Take the comforts of home with you.

Folding Lawn Chairs - Why are they popular?

Light weight and portability are the keys when one uses folding lawn chairs for camping. This feature makes them easily transportable as compared with those designed to be left in the patio. Hollow aluminum frames make them. These chairs are often adapted for sloping terrain and the fabric necessarily should be water resistant. Padding of these chairs is often helpful as insulation in cold weather. This is a real plus for ice fishermen. In addition, pockets that are zippered or made of mesh is key area of functionality.

The very fact that they can be folded makes folding lawn chairs easy to store. Also, the hollow aluminum tube design makes them portable. The more durable folding lawn chairs may use wood or fiberglass for their cross members making them ideal for this more permanent application.

Folding lawn chairs are available in an almost infinite array of styles patterns and materials. Compact size, lightweight, and portability make them less expensive than the standard chairs. The ability to be folded makes them easy to store and bring out when the need arises such as when large groups are being entertained. They can be stacked horizontally as well as vertically and are made of sturdy enough construction that they can be placed in a garage or shed for long periods of time. When space is a concern, they can even be stored under a bed or a sofa.

Lawn Chairs

Folding Lawn Chairs - Key Features

The materials used to make the frames of the folding lawn chairs include aluminum, wood or plastic. Aluminum is an ideal material for portability because of its lightweight as well as durability and rust resistance. Plastics are also lightweight and durable but have a problem with regard to exposure to excessive outside elements. Fiberglass is resistant the elements. Wood can range from simple pine or Teak which can provide a number of options regarding color and eye appeal.

Canvas is one of the oldest fabrics and found use early on in the military. It is tightly woven and does not stand up well to extremes in weather. In addition, if it becomes wet, it is subject to mildew damage. Synthetics such as plastic and nylon can be woven into a "mesh" which is breathable. Many of these synthetics can withstand the ravages of weather.

Cloth-type fabrics are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. They can be padded for extra support. Some dyes will fade with excess exposure to sunlight. They can also come with headrests and even overhead awnings which act like umbrellas.

Where to find folding lawn chairs. A great place to see the styles and colors available is the browse through your local department or discount store. There are also outlets that focus exclusively on "outdoor furniture" where one can find the greatest selection. The best deals are likely found on the internet at sites such as eBay and Amazon.

The folding lawn chair is essentially is an ideal leisure chair because of its size and portability. Its simple design makes it perfect for the beach, camping trip, a soccer game or even a picnic. Selecting the right polling lawn chairs can be an easy job or difficult one depending on your budget and how many features you want. They can be obtained in wide variety of colors sizes and designs and are a great item for the family on the go.


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