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Ways To Use The Beautiful Color Of Turquoise In Design

Updated on August 15, 2015

Aged and Distressed Turquoise

Popular Paint Shades

Color Of Tranquility

We have loved the stunning, serene color of turquoise used by jewelers and crafters in exquisite jewelry, collectibles and adorning ancient artifacts for centuries.

While the turquoise gem is a rare and valuable find, the color of this lovely blue to green mineral has captured the hearts of the design and fashion world. Turquoise catches the eye in a calm, sophisticated, yet refreshing kind of way. It once was a symbol of wealth and prosperity -- now you can say, " Turquoise is the color of tranquility."

Carpenters Using Turquoise In Cabinetry and Furniture

My husband is a master carpenter and he can tell you how lately he has been getting allot of requests from homeowners for turquoise to be incorporated into their cabinetry and furniture.

Some go with different shades of turquoise throughout the room where it won't all be matchy matchy and go more with the trends.

They use both paint and tented lacquers (as seen in the pictures), then sand down some to give a bleed through rustic charm.

These pics are a sneak peak in the constructing process.

Brighter Bolder Popular Shades

"Before and After Checkerboard Coffee Table" (Made by my husbands brothers and nephew)


Mix of Cabinetry Colors

Notice the mix of color choices in this beautiful kitchen my husband helped work on. From deep dark wood stains, stand out eye-catcher, to pale shades of subtle turquoise. This brings so much personality and versatility to a room. Everything looks like its own original piece that tells a story.

Note: Sometimes people choose to use turquoise in only sporadic accessories which add a pop of color and interest to any room. Example:

  • Kitchen Canisters
  • A random appliance
  • A vase, pottery, floral, statue etc.
  • Light fixture
  • Accent pillows
  • Curtains
  • Tablecloth

Subtle and Bold Colors Mixed


Are you matchy?

Do you like colors to match perfectly?

See results

A Cabinet Door With Turquoise Bleed Through Look


A Turquoise Bedroom To Relax

Whether subtle or bold, turquoise can give your bedroom a dreamy, coastal appearance that sends your heart soaring to the islands.

Whether a romantic couple's room, teen, child or babies nursery; turquoise fits the scene for all. "Don't be afraid to play with the colors, you'll be inspired."

Playful Bright But Blissful


Baby Nursery Idea

Cheap & Easy

I love to take a can of spray paint and transform an inexpensive object into a beauty. It is so easy, affordable and a fun way to slip in the color turquoise in almost any room.

The pic below is where I spray painted an old picture frame turquoise and added an Eiffel Tower metal piece for a 3D effect. It looks vintage, yet modern in my teenage daughter's shabby chic room. It definitely stands out on her focal wall collage. She slipped the same color in a couple more places by spray painting small decorations (like her 8 inch metal Eiffel Tower on her vanity and a small picture frame with her baby pic inside).

My Easy Design With Turquoise Spray Paint

My daughter loved it to say the least.
My daughter loved it to say the least. | Source

Tranquil Bedrooms Slideshow

Its Even Fun To Wear Turquoise

So Many Ways


"Explore your own possibilities with the beautiful gem for design – the color of turquoise (in its many variations)". There are endless possibilities in a bucket or can of paint.


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    • singingmommy profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Green 

      3 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      I personally like it more subtle myself, but I sure love to use it for pops of color, especially with wood work. :)

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      Using a piece or two, now and then of that color is interesting. But I can easily become overwhelmed by too much turquoise.


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