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Forcing Paper Whites And Other Bulbs To Grow Indoors

Updated on July 14, 2016

Forcing Bulbs indoors

Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs
Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs
Grape Hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth

Growing Bulbs indoors

Forcing Paper Whites

Grow Paper White Narcissus indoors: no experience required. The popular and fun way to grow paper whites is to force them to bloom indoors in the winter. This is a great way to have indoor plants indoors in the winter and during the holidays. Paper whites are easy to force and the fragrant flowers will bloom usually within 3 weeks of planting.
Join me for the next few weeks and learn to force paper whites for lovely flowers in your home during the holiday season. Paper Whites blooms last a long time.

Other popular bulbs to grow indoors would be the Hyacinth and the Amaryllis.

Enjoying forced bulbs in mid-winter is a comfort that dates back to Victorian times..says Judy Glattstein, author of Bulbs for Dummies.

Forcing a Paperwhite in a tea cup
Forcing a Paperwhite in a tea cup
Paperwhites beginning to sprout
Paperwhites beginning to sprout

How To Grow Paper Whites

Paper Whites are easy to grow indoors.

All you need is a container Gravel, stones or marbles to hold them in an upright position. And a little water. Your container will need to be at least 3 to 4 inches deep with NO drainage holes. Place an inch or two of your gravel on the bottom of your container. With pointed side up, position your paper white bulbs on top of the gravel.

Its okay to get them as close as possible. No need to worry about over crowding. Add more stones or gravel to about the shoulder area. Be sure to leave the pointed tips showing. At this time you will add water, just enough to reach the base of the bulbs. Add water daily if necessary. AND now watch them grow!

You can plant a single bulb or a group of bulbs. In a group they help each other to stand up. If planting a single bulb. I just use a short jar or a vase that is wide enough to hold a single bulb. You could even use a coffee mug a tea cup or a bowl.

Look how much they have grown in a little over a week
Look how much they have grown in a little over a week | Source
Three weeks growth - Faythe F.
Three weeks growth - Faythe F.

Paper White bulbs would make a nice gift for someone special on your list.

Package one up in a pretty container add some pebbles, gravel or colored glass.

Include a label with indoor planting directions..Tie it up with a beautiful ribbon or bow and its good to go.

Forcing Amaryllis

Blooming Paper White

Blooming Paper White - Faythe F
Blooming Paper White - Faythe F

Forcing other Bulbs

Tulips as well as daffodils can bloom even in winter, right on your windowsill.

Select large, firm, unblemished bulbs are recommended for forcing.

Pot them according to instructions that are usually included when purchasing a package of bulbs..these bulbs are pre~cooled. So these bulbs can skip the cold storage.

If your bulbs need to go into cold storage you would simply, simulate the winter cold and darkness, to do this, place the bulbs in the refrigerator for eight to fifteen weeks. Or you can plant them in the pots you have chosen and leave them sit in or a cool garage or basement. Keeping the pots moist.

To Pot them:

You will need to choose a pot that is twice as high as the bulbs. Cover the drainage hole with a piece of shard, fill the pot halfway with potting soil.

Place in as many bulbs as you can without having them touch each other or the sides of the pot.

Plant them with the tips pointing upwards.

Cover with soil and tamp down gently with your hands. Water thoroughly.

When the stems are one or two inches high and you are able to see roots showing at the drainage holes. Then you can move the pots to light and warmth. Water them as needed. Within a few weeks you will see blooms.

Forcing Paper White Narcissus and other bulbs to grow indoors

Grow Paper White Narcissus indoors: no experience required. The popular and fun way to grow paper whites is to force them to bloom indoors in the winter. This is a great way to have indoor plants indoors in the winter and during the holidays.


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