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Free Patterns for Crochet Easter Decorations - Learn how to make Easter Bunny, little chicken or colorful eggs

Updated on April 10, 2013
Crocheted eggs in the nest
Crocheted eggs in the nest | Source

Why should I crochet my Easter decorations this year?

If you have any level of skills in this area, crocheting Easter decorations can be really rewarding task. It is budget and eco friendly solution, but it can also give you a great sense of satisfaction for making something with your own hands.

With all this free patterns all around the web, you can certainly find something that is appropriate for your skill level. And even if you aren't that skilled jet, you can start now and learn some new tricks until this, or some other festival.

Wouldn't it be nice in this plastic era, to create something that doesn't come from China, but from your hearth, especially for the this important holiday? Spring, and Easter itself, are symbols of rebirth, that celebrates the Creator. Is there a better time to create something yourself?

What says 'Easter ' more than a cozy bunny?

There are a lot of ideas and designs for different versions of bunnies out there, but here you can get some inspiration and choose between five bunny patterns that we chose.

1. Space bunnies are futuristic and very funny. Here you can see pictures and find pattern for this cuties.

2. Classic bunny is also a good choice, especially if you like traditional design and look. It can be used as decoration, but it can also be a great toy for a kid. Check it out here.

3. In the real spirit of the festival, we present you this beauty that can be used as an egg cover.

4. And if you are looking for something really, really cute, you should definitely stop looking and make some of thees.

5. Last, but not the least is probably fastest to make and adorable bunny made from square. You should check it out especially if you are also into sewing and knitting (but it can be crocheted too) .

Cute little chickens!

Cute little chickens are must have for every Easter. Here you can browse five great chicken tutorials.

1. Classic yellow chick makes great decoration, and it is really easy to make. Tutorial on this link.

2. Adorable little chick with a large had is also a real classic. Check it out here.

3. Little yellow fellows still in the egg shells can also be interesting decoration. You can find pattern here.

4. And if you are practical person and don't like to make something just because it looks nice, here you can find tutorial for fun chicken coasters! Check out this photos.

5. And of course, you can dress up your eggs with this beautiful chickens!

And colorful eggs

What would be Easter be without fun basket of cheerful eggs? Can you make an extra effort this year and make some of this that will last in years to come.

1. Colorful and nice eggs pattern can be found here.

2. And for readers that prefer elegant solutions, this is probably the right destination.

3. You can also make funny shaped eggs, such as vampire egg...

4. ...or even angry bird egg!

5. Or you can make all of them: egg, chicken and a rabbit shaped like eggs!

Bonus Pattern - Mustache Eggs!

Bonus Patterns - Cute Egg Baskets

We have just found some new ideas for Easter crocheting. Naturally, we want you to see it to, so here are some additional ideas for your crochet projects this spring.

These little baskets are not just beautiful, but also practical. You can make them for yourself or as an Easter gift to someone you love.

1. First one is for those who like elegant and modern patterns and can be found here. Isn't it sophisticated?

2. And second is for those who like cuteness and tradition. It is very pretty little bunny! It looks so adorable!

What will you crochet this year for Easter?

See results

Happy crafting!

All you have to do now is to find some yarn and get to work. You will not regret it. Crafting is always a good fun and with your new decorations, some new family memories and traditions will come.

We hope that you found some great ideas among our selection of patterns, but if you didn't, please don't give up. There are so many great choices out there, and you will find something that is your cup of tea.

We wish you happy Easter and enjoyable crocheting!


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