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Fridge Locks - Lockable Refrigerator Lock For Fridge Door Safety

Updated on February 18, 2012

There many reasons why someone would want to buy a fridge door lock for their home refrigerator. As anyone with a toddler knows, a child safety catch for a fridge or freezer door is an essential purchase to help keep a toddler safe and to protect your food from spoiling.

Typically, a simple child latch is all that is required here however, actual fridge locks themselves become more important when you are caring for, say, a senior adult with dementia or an older child with issues where things like kitchen appliances can become a battleground.

For a more robust solution there are several different options you can look at. There are fridge lock sets which attach securely to either side of the door and require a key or code to be entered for anyone to gain access. There are also lockable refrigerators which are good for home and commercial grade use. These differing solutions are discussed in more detail below along with some recommended products to purchase and where to buy them.

Fridge Door Lock Sets

These refrigerator locks attach directly to the fridge door itself and padlock closed with either a key or combination code. They are available in a variety of colors to match the fridge color itself including black, white, cream color styles so they will fit in with your general kitchen decoration rather than making it look like a toolshed.

Refrigerator lock sets are designed to fit on the door itself and resist several hundreds pounds of weight. Some require drilling to attach them properly but others will fit without making you drill holes in your appliances which will be a better alternative to many.

Refrigerator Door Lock
Refrigerator Door Lock

Uses super strong adhesive to attach the cables to each side which is strong enough to resist several hundred pounds of pressure and prevents anyone breaking in to the contents without tools or the key. This is perfect for use on a boat or as an RV fridge, or for any other purpose where a similar fastener set may be require like a medicine cabinet or metal cupboard or cabinet.


Childproof Fridge Latch For Toddler Safety

If securing it from adult intrusion is not as important as simply stopping younger kids and toddlers from opening and closing the doors and all the problems this can bring, then a simple childproof latch might be a better solution for your requirements.

Refrigerator latches and childproof locks for fridges and freezer doors are typically designed to allow the adults in the house to still retain easy access the contents of their icebox whilst at the same time providing a solution to how to stop kids opening the doors all the time and letting the cold out or making a huge mess with your food or potentially getting trapped inside which can be deadly.

A fridge latch usually just sticks on to the side and are a must have for kitchen safety if you have young children or toddlers in the house.

Lockable Fridge With Built In Lock

If you are specifically looking for a lockable refrigerator and would rather buy one which has the lock built, then you are in luck because a couple of manufacturers make these too.

Freezers and Fridges with locks are ideal for situations where you feel your food might not be completely safe from light fingers. Maybe you live in a college dorm where you are tired of 'sharing' your food with all and sundry, or perhaps you own a boat where security might not be as high as you would like and you'd like to keep the contents more securely fastened and out of temptation.

These are also safer around young children especially if it is in an area where you can not keep an eye on it like a garage or if you have other reasons to be permanently aware of household members who might otherwise cause havoc with your cold goods. Without adequate protection these can also be a hazard when they are hard to supervise.


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    • t-m-s profile image


      8 years ago

      Good idea, I should get myself a fridge lock LOL


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