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Are You Out Of Work? Would You Like to Start Your Own Home Business For Free? Keep Reading

Updated on February 6, 2012

Absolutely Free TV

This TV was Absolutely free
This TV was Absolutely free

Free Food

My Pantry
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Free Furniture

Absolutely Free Living Room Suite
Absolutely Free Living Room Suite

I'm Going to Offer You a Chance of a Lifetime, and it Won't Cost You A Dime

I know what you're thinking Right Now, Yeah Right? Here is Another One of Those Get Rich Quick Schemes, But it's true,

I came accross a site which gave me an opportunity to go into my own thrift store/flea market business, and all I have to do is go out and pick up items, and then sell them to people who need them, and can afford them. You know what they say, "One mans trash is another mans treasures", well that is absolutely true.

I have found so many useful items on this site that I have began to make money in my spare time, I sell everything from coffee makers to livingroom suites, to pool tables to washing machines and refrigerators. Some items that you receive may need minor repairs and some are perfectly okay, however the object to this site is to recycle the things that you don't need and keep the things that you do need.

When I moved into my three bedroom home, I had absolutely nothing, no refrigerator, or stove, nor furnishings. I didn't even have pictures for the wall. But then I came across this site by sheer accident. I created my profile and entered an offering which wasn't much all I had was some cloths that were in pretty decent shape but they were to small for me, I had out grown them.

So I offered the cloths on the site and someone emailed me and asked me if they could have them. I then posted an ad for what I needed, and before I knew it I began to see all these things that I could use for my new home. I got myself a brand new refrigerator and stove fully operational.

I then started posting other things that I came accross which I had no need for and figured someone out there could use, and in no time flat people were asking for those things, and I have been trading on this site now for over five years.

I now have an exercise room which has an Electric Treadmill, I have a Cardioglide, A Rowing Machine, a Norditrac, and many other items which i have used to create a healthier me. I now have a dinnet set with six chairs glass on metal, and I have my own office with a bookshelf filled with books that I also recieved from the site. I have a washer and dryer which work great and I recieved them too from the site.

In my Bedroom I have a beautiful bedroom suite and a 60 inch TV which I also received from the site. In my livingroom I have a 60 inch screen Tv and a china cabinate and hutch that I also recieved. My home is made of hard wood floors and I now have carpeting throughout my house plenty of oriental rugs and carpeting in great shape and I got all these things for free.

I recieved donated computers which I have upgraded and repaired and then resold, so I guess you could say that I now have my own home business, as it generates a revenue for me to live off of. Ok I know you can hardly wait for me to tell you about the site well they are located all over the United States and the site is called Freecycle, Here is the Link.You have got to give this site a try.

Once you have tried this site out, please let me know if it was helpful to you. If you know someone who is struggling or they are simply just starting out and need a helping hand, please give them the link to this website so that they too can get on their feet and possibly make a profit.

But wait there is more, do you know someone who is struggling on low income in your area? and they're having a hard time making their ends meet? Well here is another tip every area in the world offers food pantries for those in need. Sometimes people make to much money to receive ood stamps and yet they can barely pay their bills, well food pantries may be the answer give them the link to this hotline and they can locate every food pantry in their area, people are allowed to visit the pantry several times per month, so no one need to go hungry.

Through the use of freecycle I have furnished my home with very beautiful items that would have otherwise gone to the landfields. There are ways to determine whether or not the items being offered will be of use to you. You do this by analyzing the area where the items are located, Remember quality items are found in upper class areas.

Rely on your own judgement to whether or not things will benefit you, because most freecyclers want you to take all the items that they are offering, and pass along the things that are of no use to you. So remember only ask for things that you can use, I have seen some people become hoarders, so not good.

Good luck to you and I hope that this article helps you or someone you know out, oh and by the way happy freecycling. and remember if you like this article give it your vote, thanks again

Sincerely, Viv Darling


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