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Why Choose a GOJO Soap Dispenser for your Business

Updated on September 3, 2010

A GOJO soap dispenser is the dispenser of choice for many offices, hospitals, gyms and other establishments due to the excellent quality of their soap dispensers and the good reputation of the company. GOJO is the company behind Purell instant hand sanitizer which allows you to kill germs in a matter of seconds when it is not possible or convenient to wash them. GOJO produce a wide range of soap dispensers for industry and home use with the highest attention to hygiene. You can buy GOJO soap dispensers at discounted prices at

So why choose GOJO soap dispensers over other brands? After initiating a study into refillable soap reservoir dispensers, the company found that contamination of the reservoirs was a common occurrence and also a threat to public health. GOJO only sells sanitary sealed soap dispensers so that you can be sure there will be no contamination by bacteria to the system. They are also incredibly simple and quick to refill compared to traditional open reservoir dispensers.

There are several models of GOJO soap dispenser to choose from depending on the requirements for your home or business. There are also a variety of different liquid soaps, cleansers and sanitizers to choose from with which to fill them. For use in the home, one of the smaller models is probably sufficient, whereas for an office or other public area, a soap dispenser with a larger reservoir which needs to be filled less frequently will be more useful.

A GOJO foam soap dispenser is one of the most popular types. Foaming soap dispensers are both economical and convenient. They dispense exactly enough soap foam to wash your hands perfectly without any need to lather which results in using less soap and is also quicker for hand washing. You can buy soap dispensers from GOJO as both a traditional and automatic soap dispenser.

The GOJO automatic soap dispenser is an extra hygiene option which is great for high use areas where a lot of people are likely to be touching it. The dispenser automatically detects when your hand is underneath and dispenses a portion of soap without requiring you to touch anything before your hands are clean. This avoids the spreading of germs which can happen around the touch button on traditional dispensers.

You can choose any GOJO soap dispenser refill to fit into the machine which you choose. These include hand sanitizer, skin cleanser, antibacterial liquid soap, foaming hand soap, gel, hand cream and so on in a variety of different fragrances. You can choose from different refill sizes to fit your particular model of soap dispenser.

A GOJO hand soap dispenser really is a great item to have either at home or at work. It eliminates the need for messy bars of soap and is a much more hygienic alternative for communal washing areas. A dispenser of hand sanitizer is particularly useful for quick hand cleaning and sanitizing where there is not a sink nearby for hand washing and many hospitals and doctors’ offices have now installed these at the entrances to examination rooms. Choose a GOJO soap dispenser to keep your home or workplace clean and hygienic today.


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