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Choosing a Garden Hammock

Updated on July 10, 2009

Creating a relaxing and peaceful backyard space for you and your family to enjoy is not as difficult as you may think. A garden hammock is a charming addition to any outdoor space, whether it is tied between two trees out in the yard, near the garden or pool or on your patio. People have been enjoying hammocks for over 1,000 years for their comfort and simple design.

A garden hammock can add charm to the design of your outdoor space. It will enhance the usability of the area by adding seating or a place to relax and enjoy nature. Hammocks are so comfortable to rest in that you may find your family members or guests unwilling to move when you want a turn to relax!

"The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses." -Hanna Rion

Rope garden swing hammock by L.L.Bean
Rope garden swing hammock by L.L.Bean
Quilted fabric garden hammock.
Quilted fabric garden hammock.

Before you purchase a garden hammock, assess the outdoor space where you plan to use it. What does the space consist of right now? Will the hammock be placed on a deck near an outdoor dining table set? Will it be in the shade of a tree? Will you need to add many accessories? Try to envision the space finished. This will help you decide exactly what type of garden hammock you need to fulfill your design vision and create the perfect outdoor space.

Types of Garden Hammocks

Hammocks come in various sizes, fabrics and designs. Regardless of your space limitations or fabric preferences, there is sure to be a hammock that will suit your needs. They are not all created equal, and it is worth taking the time to find out a little more about them before making a purchase.

  • Rope: Usually made from cotton or polyester rope, these traditional hammock swings easily tied between two trees to create a comfortable shady outdoor space.
  • Fabric: Fabric garden hammocks have gained popularity over the past years. Some say they are more comfortable and easier to get in and out of. They are durable and often made big enough for two people to relax and enjoy together.
  • Mayan: the hammock was first designed by the Mayans of South / Central America more than 1,000 years ago. They originally crafted their slings from hamak tree bark. A Mayan garden hammock will have a loose, airy weave that is ideal for hot climates.
  • Mexican: This style of hammock is usually hand woven in bright colors using a diamond weave. It will add a bright and colorful element to your outdoor space design.
  • Swing: Most hammocks will swing a bit, but the style I’m referring to is the small hammock designed just like a swing for one person. These are a great option for a front porch or to hang from a tree, especially if you don’t have 2 trees to hang a larger hammock between. Add a few chair cushions to this type of hammock to make it irresistibly comfortable!
  • Oversize / double fabric garden hammock: This extra large hammock is best used with a matching stand for stability and comfort. Usually made from fabric, bring a couple of pillows and snuggle up with your favorite person.

Unique and dramatic cocoon large garden hammock.
Unique and dramatic cocoon large garden hammock.

Do you need a garden hammock stand?

If you are planning to use your hammock on a deck or patio, or don’t have two trees that provide just the right spot to hang your hammock, you will need to purchase a stand. Hammock stands vary almost as much as the hammocks themselves. They can be collapsible, large, small or somewhere in between. Ideally, you should buy a stand that was designed precisely for the hammock you purchased.

When designing your space, keep in mind that hammock stands usually have a spreader bar and take up more space than hammocks without a stand. The greatest advantage of using a stand is that it makes your hammock portable, so you can move it around in the yard to follow the sun or hide in the shade.

Enjoy a perfect afternoon lounging in your hammock enjoying the scents of your flowers or relax at dusk with a cozy blanket a large glass of ice tea and get ready to star gaze. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to relax, take in the sights and sounds of the garden and simply enjoy eachother’s company!


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