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Garden Tool Sets You Need For A Successful Garden

Updated on January 18, 2017

Garden Tool Standards

If you are looking for a great gift for the gardener in your life, a garden tool set is one that will please most gardeners. You can find these in a wide range of prices, and there is also a lot of variation in the equipment that would be included on one of these sets. Here is a look at some of the tools you might find in a garden tool set, and some things to keep in mind to make sure you pick a tool set that is well made to last.

These sets come with anywhere from 2 to 15 or more tools in them. They typically are stored in something as simple as a pouch, on up to a vintage wooden box. You can find inexpensive plastic handles, or more traditional wooden handles, or some high tech composite handles for the ultimate in comfort.

Common Garden Tools


→One of the most common tools is a pruner. The basic pruners come in two styles. One is the bypass pruner, which works great for relatively small jobs. This pruner has blades that slide past one another in a fashion similar to scissors, which results in a clean cut and is great for smaller pruning jobs like pruning flowers or vegetables. These are usually small enough for one hand.

The other style is an anvil pruner, and this is better suited for larger branches and often comes in a much larger size to handle tree pruning.


→Most garden tool sets will include a hand fork which will be useful for weeding and small cultivating jobs. Some of these are made by stamping a sheet of metal to simulate the tines of a fork, these are not preferred as it is usually easier than it looks to bend these tines. Go for the cast version that have the solid tines if you can.


→Garden trowels look like a small spade, and are handy for digging holes for transplants or digging up some root crops like onions or garlic. Just as with the garden fork, the cast versions will be sturdier and less likely to bend under duress.


→A bulb digger looks a lot like a garden trowel, but is narrower and sometimes longer. It's is used for digging a smaller deeper hole for things like planting flower bulbs.


→A weeder looks like a large flat bladed screwdriver with a notch on the end, and as its name suggests it is used to pluck weeds out of the garden or lawn by digging down and getting the weeds at the root.


→Another practical addition is a kneeling pad, which is a thick foam pad, usually covered in some type of soft, protective plastic that allows you to kneel to work in the garden and avoid the pain of kneeing on rocks and such, and it keeps your knees clean.


→One other great alternative is an all-in-one-tool, similar to those that Leatherman makes for the handyman. In fact, Leatherman makes an all purpose garden tool, that has several tools like a pruner, budding knife, knife, small saw, and more.

Tool sets with more pieces may have items like watering tools, a hose sprayer, hose coupling devices, or a simple watering can.

One last item that every gardener would find a use for is a small garden cart to hold the tools in the garden and to sit on while working in the garden.

Garden Carts

Our garden is quite a distance from our garage or shed so it is helpful to have a cart to utilize in carrying many tools to our gardening space. This is not just a wheel barrow. It has a handle to pull or push from, "pockets" for the handy tools to set in, a deep space for weeds or your harvest, and a graded edge in which to dump what you have collected.

We use it to collect leaves in the fall which we dump in the compost pile and also use it to move dirt or sand from one place to another on our 3/4 of an acre property. Branches, rocks, and the occasional stuffed animal can be moved around in this versatile garden tool.

Leaf lettuce
Leaf lettuce | Source

Raised Garden Beds

For the older gardener in your life, you may want to get them a raised bed kit for the garden. One of these raised gardens can help older gardeners continue to garden without the need for all the stooping and bending. In fact there are several waist high raised gardens that can easily be placed on a patio or even a balcony, so you don't need a yard for the garden at all. One of the most attractive and durable options are cedar raised garden kits. The cedar will last a long time and the knotty look of the wood makes an attractive addition to the home or garden.

No matter what you choose to grow in your garden, we wish you success and deliciousness!


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    • alekhouse profile image

      Nancy Hinchliff 

      9 years ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

      Enjoyed your hub. I'm very into gardening and always looking for tips on the best tools, etc. Thanks

    • myawn profile image


      9 years ago from Florida

      Nice hub I could use some new garden tools myself right now I have very little time to garden. I love growing things though.


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