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Garden flags for fall include football and back to school flags

Updated on February 11, 2016

Fall scenes

As the temperatures begin to moderate and the cooler air fills our lungs, we begin to turn our thoughts toward fall. With this come the thoughts of all the fun experiences we only get to enjoy during this part of the year. One of the most cherished memories are of the colorful fall display provided by the changing colors of the leaves on trees in our yards and forests.

This display is an industry in itself in some portions of the united States as I am sure it is in other parts of the world. Luckily for us the people in the business of banner design and flag making know we will buy flags with fall scenes on them and have created a wide array for colorful scenes to please our shopper's palate.

Back to school

For children all over the United States, fall is still the traditional time for school to start another year. The financial impact of this process is phenomenal, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year to gear up our youth for their next year of learning. There are so many great flags to herald this annual ritual.

It is not only teachers or school administrators that buy flags with back to school messages. Mothers and fathers of children in elementary, middle and even high schools like to signal the time when there children return to a structured schedule of learning about match, science and English.

School buses, pencils, crayons, apples, notebooks and other necessities of the school experience adorn the color banners that are selected to decorate the yards of parents excited for another step in the lives of their children. To see the reminders in yards allows people even without children to reminisce about fun filled days of yesterday when the sights and sounds of school time was the norm.

Sports teams

The passion for sports runs rampant in the United States at all times of the year in some degree, but perhaps the most intense display of this is in the fall months. There just seems to be a difference in the willingness to fly a garden flag of a particular college sports team during this period. I expect it is because there is always a prominent display of the distinctive color of your favorite sports team during this time, which is the months when college football reigns as king.

College sports enjoys a couple of big blocks of time where a lot of attention is focused its way. During the moth of March millions of fans of college basketball fill out brackets and watch numerous games as their favorite college basketball teams vie for the national title. But the most extraordinary display of team passion is during the four month period of the college football season.

Flags for the favorite college football teams fill the lawns of fans across the country as we seek to stake our allegiance proudly for all to see. The colorful flags with our favorite team's logos are displayed as badges of loyalty we promise to support no matter the success of our team.


Although Halloween can claim a similar spot in the company of single day holidays such as Groundhog Day, Fourth of July and memorial Day, there is a huge industry that benefits from this annual celebration of all things ghoulish. Perhaps it is our fascination with spooky elements we don't quite understand, but there is so many elements to this day that the potential for great garden flags designs seems endless.

Witches, black cats, ghosts, ghouls, mummies and more find their way on Halloween flag designs. The jack-o-lanterns on these fabric banners we display may upstage their organic counterparts and certainly will last much longer, even if they cannot light the night.

The window for attention to Halloween seems to widen each year. In the stores we frequent the progression seems to be set so the introduction of Halloween items follows the exit of school supplies. Perhaps the rotation of your garden flags will see the same trend.

Harvest and Thanksgiving

When the United States was more of an agricultural society the time of harvest was a grand celebration of the bounty of the various crops planted by farmers across the land. These days the time of harvest is little more than a portion of the fall season to which some people still hold a romantic attachment. Seeing fields with crops in their harvesting conditions seems to transport people back to times of yesterday.

Thanksgiving in the United States has become a time to pause and be grateful for what we have. It is a traditional family holiday when people gather and enjoy food, fun and fellowship with family members that have spread out to seek their fortunes and careers in other places.

Many of the Thanksgiving flags will highlight the turkey, a traditional Thanksgiving meal centerpiece. The place of the turkey in this meal can be traced back to the pilgrims who are believed to include wild turkeys in their first celebratory meals with their new neighbors in the United States, the American Indians.


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    • profile image

      scholarshipsformo 7 years ago from California

      This is an excellent hub by the way. I am going to go ahead and bookmark it.

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 7 years ago from Virginia

      aleida - Fall is my favorite time of year and the many designs of fall flags are a great way to get in the mood. Thanks fro reading and commenting.

    • aleida_77 profile image

      aleida_77 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Walking through our neighborhood, I see quite a few garden flags, and they are particularly fun to notice during the Fall and Winter as the holidays approach. They add a spot of cheerful color to the front stoop. Thanks for an interesting hub.

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 7 years ago from Virginia

      hello,hello - This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are as many potential options as you wish to explore.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for showing a wonderful selection.

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 7 years ago from Virginia

      The changing of flags for seasons is a way to mentally transition through the year. I don't know if it is the hectic lives people lead that cause them to leave summer flags flying in winter or what have you, but we always try to stay current.

    • kaltopsyd profile image

      kaltopsyd 7 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      If I didn't live where I do now, I'll proudly put flags up for every season and special occasion. Whenever I pass by other people's houses I just rewrite a mental note to self: one day I'll have a flag too... wow that was so dramatic. Good Hub. We're moving soon, so you Hub will come in handy. :D

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 7 years ago from Virginia

      Cole - I love this added color to our uard. In the spring and summer months the flag may not stand out against the beauty of nature or our landscape efforts, but during the fall and winter months this color can provide a need boost.

    • Cole C profile image

      Cole C 7 years ago from Chicago

      Growing up my mom always had some kind of flag flying whether it be the American flag or our state flag. Love the hub reminds me of growing up.