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Garden Tour I-'the Beginning', Rare Plants, Creative Ideas, Tufa, Troughs, Gardening, Meditation

Updated on January 30, 2014
Scientific name: Cercidiphyllum japonicum Pendula Pronunciation: ser-sih-dih-FILL-um juh-PAWN-ih-kum Common name(s): Weeping Katsura Tree Curtains The Entrance
Scientific name: Cercidiphyllum japonicum Pendula Pronunciation: ser-sih-dih-FILL-um juh-PAWN-ih-kum Common name(s): Weeping Katsura Tree Curtains The Entrance | Source

The Beginning

Tour this garden and experience ultimate peace if only in your mind. Can you just picture yourself pulling back the Katsura curtain and entertaining yourself with a fresh breeze as it sweeps you in. Envision the beauty that awaits you through the paths around each bend.

Natural Hemlock Arbors One of Three Entrances to the Sun Garden
Natural Hemlock Arbors One of Three Entrances to the Sun Garden

Rare conifers and deciduous trees give grace to natural arbors lighting the way to a variety of plants some originating from the Far East like the towering Dawn Redwood from central China and Variegated Ginkgo from Japan.

A garden grows and changes every year and during every season. Here on this path we see forty years in the making. A distinct Asian feel gives way to one acre of stone walls and cubicles nuzzled in twisted pathways of random blue stone. The rustic enchanted array harbors unique displays of one-of-a-kind carvings created by the owner himself including artifacts and unusual treasures some hidden amongst thickets of diverse hostas.

Once stagnant beckoning rebirth, consumed with years of aging growth, this garden reveals life in textures, shapes and shades of colors. Every plant growing at different rates. Even dwarfs grow big and out of control, one of the hardest things to realize in a garden. Nine years rejuvenated, an unkempt overgrown garden turns oasis with no sea of green, no grass to be had just a rainbow coloring your way.

This path consumes a brilliant yellow. Ever so creeping Sedum riddled along the borders. As the season progresses, the purple Columbine steals the show and the red Maple hovers over the faded yellow glory whispering an invitation.

The glow of the Everetts Golden hemlock splashes your view, consuming the radios of the garden, resembling a conical of angel wings landing. Founded in 1918 in the golden heaven of Eaton, New Hampshire this so called miniature conifer has sored in this dry sunny location. Avoiding wet feet pays off. This refreshing specimen has branches that whisper and moves in the gentle wind. It's round dented needles glisten sunshine yellow wooing you, consuming you numb, wooing you breathless.

Himalayan Sabrina, Pine
Himalayan Sabrina, Pine | Source

Some stock plants from the owner's collection were obtained from George Oknen, self indulgent nursery man working with Verkade before opening and growing his own business and creations. A Himalayan Sabrina, a very slow growing pine, a large Shigashira, Japanese maple, and various dwarf hemlocks were purchased during his last visit. They now enjoy their space in the garden in memory of George Oknen who unfortunately passed away soon after the 20 year old specimens were obtained from him.

Hens and Chicks and Blue Carpet Sedum
Hens and Chicks and Blue Carpet Sedum

Tufa rocks laced with varieties of succulents riddles the garden paths and gives rise to the ponds structure and home to the fish and pet frogs. Sneak a peak at the collection of frogs running rampant through the garden.

The makeover houses profound objects riddled along blue stone paths. Tufa rock (fossilized worm casting) grace the raised bed pond, salvaged from now deceased John Verkade, founder of Picea orientalis ‘Skylands’ Tom Thumb Gold, a very slow growing compact conifer.

Skylands, Tom Thumb in front of the ferry
Skylands, Tom Thumb in front of the ferry
Left Skylands, Tom Thumb - Right Skylands, Icebreaker  -  two very slow growers a wonderful plant to enjoyn
Left Skylands, Tom Thumb - Right Skylands, Icebreaker - two very slow growers a wonderful plant to enjoyn
Hens and Chicks growing on fossilized worm casting, Tufa
Hens and Chicks growing on fossilized worm casting, Tufa
  • One call to blow leaves off his existing paths. My answer consumed my every move. There I was amidst it all, an overgrown garden secretly hidden amongst thickets of leaves, tangled vines and overgrown rare conifers. Every step pulled me in.
  • Since than, Pamsscaping has devoted much love raising and tending to this Garden helping to rejuvenate it to the spectacular level it appears today. This garden has been transformed from a garden run ram pit through old age being reborn, shaped into a powerful piece of art displayed through every path, around every corner. Two minds one mission. Amazingly 90% of the stone used to build the walls are native, some originating on the property.
  • With the touch of stone henge similarities that have consistently rocked this garden all hand picked and relocated by two native born gents from England. This garden grows on with many helpful hands and continues to move all visitors to a peaceful walk into the pleasure of just being. Lets take a walk together and watch this garden grow.


This Tour is one of three. If you haven't seen Garden Tour II or Garden Tour III you are in for a real live natures treat.


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    • profile image

      Ruthann Grey 

      7 years ago

      I visited Roger's Garden on May 13, 2011 and I must say the garden is a continuous moment of excitement and beauty. Pam's description makes it more exciting that I had the opportunity to share in Roger's creativity and vision. What a treat!


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