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Essential Gardening Tools List

Updated on August 9, 2019

5 essential tools in the garden

Seeing good tools for gardening and maintenance is like doing work in the house: the quality and relevance of the tools make the work always more enjoyable. The equipment, it is the pleasure! Here are 5 tools from 2 famous companies that you will not be able to do without after using them

Short sleeve tools guarantor

These new tools have a short aluminum handle, making them lightweight and perfect for gardening in smaller areas, raised gardens or on balconies. They are commonly called ‘mid-size ' since they are shorter than traditional tools but longer than hand tools. They are manufactured by Garant, a Quebec company with 120 years of expertise across Canada.

Leaf Blower

Leaf Blower make you task super easy by raking leaves up in no time. There are different types of leaf blowers available in the market. However, you can purchase according to your demand. Gas leaf blowers are more powerful and good for large area garden while cordless leaf blowers suit for small gardens. So, it depends on your requirements which blower suits you the most. However, you can get more information by click here

5-tooth weeder

The 5-tooth weeder often called a ‘grower’, this tool has teeth that work the soil like claws. It is ideal for grubbing mulch and/or soil from garden beds and bins. Because it is very light, it does not quickly create fatigue for the person who handles it.

Rock broom

Having a rocaille broom is essential to clean the beds in early spring or under the hedges. Since this model has a short handle, it is ideal for raised bins and allows to work close to the body.

Multisurface weeder

This multisurface weeder will please those who like tools with multiple functions. It has a head with 3 different faces, which allows weeding in various places with the same tool. The larger area allows easy weeding of the flower beds or vegetable garden, while the sides will be used to remove weeds between the pavement, slabs or near structures.

7 teeth

This leveling rake with 7 straight teeth allows leveling the smallest spaces, like the narrow rows of the vegetable garden or the soil of the raised bins. It is ideal for working in confined spaces since its head is only 6.75 inches wide.

Felco pruning tools

Gardening means size. In the garden, plants can be cut, sawn or pruned. Several tools exist to make our work easier, but the pruning shears are still the most popular. Indeed, this tool adapts well to most of the small works of the amateur gardener!

Pruning shear

Owning a Felco pruning shears means investing in shears for life! Most horticulturists work with this brand of secateurs and would not change anything in the world. Why? These secateurs have been manufactured in Switzerland since 1948. The most popular model, #2, was the first that this company put on the market and it has not changed since then. When a tool doesn't require improvement, it has to be good, right?

Did you know that Felco has also adapted some models for lefties? They are designed for those who prune with the left hand to allow them to prune in the right way. There are also models for gardeners with smaller hands. It's important to be comfortable pruning our plants.

The biggest advantage of this brand is that all parts can be replaced. Blade, counter-Blade, screws, nuts, spring can be changed when necessary. A$ 20 pruning shears changed every year for 4 years pays off the investment of Felco pruning shears. One more step towards sustainable development.

The equipment, it is the pleasure! Good tools make tasks more pleasant. Invest in tools that will serve you well for a long time.


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