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Generator- Power-Transfers- Switch

Updated on June 7, 2012

Generator Transfer Power Switch

A generator power transfer switch gives you a way to have continued power in the event of a power outage. When there are appliances in your building you can still have the convenience of electricity without the need to plug in cords. The switch can be operated manually or switched automatically.

Most control switch devices are attached to the electrical unit, but some are portable. A manual switch is less expensive to install, and a permanent switch will check itself automatically on intervals. If a power outage will lose important information in your files an automatic switch might be the best solution to power outage problems.

Installing a generator power transfer switch on your own but get the power disconnected before you try it. Contacting the electric company will take care of this, as a precaution has your meter taken down temporarily. After switch installation the meter can be replaced, and do not fail to test the device.

A generator switch can be installed for home or business, and the switch can be programmed for any section of your home. This ability to disburse power to different parts of a building really saves on utility bills.

When considering a power switch picking a manual or automatic is important. Purchasing can be done at local building supply stores. Everyone is not equipped to install mechanisms decide if you are or if you need an electrician. Once you have made your installation decisions you will find the tremendous savings you will have on utilities


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