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Getting the Best Sofa Bed

Updated on May 29, 2017

There is an item that revolutionized the world of furniture decades ago: the sleeper sofa.
How many times have families around the world benefited from having a gorgeous sofa that if needed, it could transform into a bed? Yes, indeed the sofa bed is an invention that has made a quiet but certain impression in the face of millions of households.
Because of this intrinsic relevance, we must learn how to choose wisely this vital part of the configuration we call home.

First Things First

Get real. Decide what your budget is and the basic characteristics the piece of furniture has to have. Do you have a traditional style going on on your living room? If so, you most likely want to buy a sofa bed made of wood, and that has curvatures and other stylistic features associated with the classical and traditional movements. Go for a hard wood like mahogany so the sleeper lasts for a long time and provides good support. Another key to have a long lasting sofa is getting one that is made with a strong fabric, preferably permeable. If, on the other hand, you have a modern looking arrangement in your home, or your other furniture is contemporary in nature, what you need is a sleek design possibly with metal and other materials outside of wood, although this material can also be used.

Structure Matters

The frame is the pillar of the stability and quality of support of the sofa bed. Make sure the furniture is free of cracking or squeaky sounds when seating on it or when trying to open the bed. A good mechanism should be easy to use and require minimum effort. Think of the future, you don’t want to avoid using the bed because the equipment is too difficult to operate; you are paying extra for the double nature of this furniture piece, be realistic about how you will use it and why.

Comfortable sofa bed
Comfortable sofa bed


Take into consideration the environment where you will place the sofa bed.  Plan for the space that will be needed when expanded into bed mode; don’t put heavy furniture that will be too uncomfortable to move specially if you intended to open and close the sleeper bed often.  Finally, step back and see that your new sofa feels right for the space. No one will be at ease in an overcrowded setting, leave room to breath.


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    • C_Pinto profile image

      C_Pinto 7 years ago from USA

      Being comfortable is the most important thing to keep in mind when getting a sofa bed, thanks for your input Steve!

    • Steve R McDowell profile image

      Steve R McDowell 7 years ago from Atlanta

      Sofa beds are great for when you have guests. I've slept on many a sofa bed, some comfortable... some not so much.