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Glass interiors/furniture at home

Updated on April 3, 2012

Wooden furniture was trend and fashion few years back. Nowadays, people prefer furniture made of glass. Not only in office, people also go for glass furniture and interiors even at home. This glass furniture and interiors gives a more sophisticated look and keeps our mind very refreshing and lively. In olden days, glasses were not used at home for the fear of breakage. But advancements in glass industries and contemporary design trends have brought into focus so many styles of glass furniture/interiors to suit the theme of the house or office. The main advantages of using Glass furniture or interiors are:

  • Glass furniture/interiors is easier to maintain. In wooden furniture, we may encounter some difficulty when it comes in contact with termites. But glass furniture does not have that difficulty.
  • The newness of the glass interiors remains intact even after many years. But, wooden furniture gives a dull look after few years of usage.
  • Glass interiors are extremely durable and needs no extra maintenance effort.
  • Another important advantage of using glass interiors is its transparency. Because of its transparency, the glass interiors make a room look more spacious.
  • Glass furniture has low insulation quality.
  • Glasses can be recycled. It can be reused for the production of new and different products.
  • Glass is fireproof and waterproof. This makes it a perfect material in combination with wood and other metals.
  • Glass can reflect and refract natural light. This nature of glass helps create an illusion of more space in a smaller area.
  • Glass gives rich and expensive look to the home.

When you decide to go in for glass interiors, what type of glass you should use will be your next big question? Saint Gobain provides different types of glass for the interiors.

The different types of glass that can be used for interiors are

Decorative Glass

This glass can bring complete new look to the interior design as it can complement or contrast beautifully with other construction material. Decorative glass helps achieve the desired look with an interior, by offering a range of colors, textures and designs to choose from.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is a translucent glass, which avoids visibility and protects privacy. This type of glass can be used in shower rooms, conference rooms and where privacy is important. It is manufactured in such a way that it filters light in varying degrees, and hence obstructs visibility.

Mirror Glass

This glass is now very famous in big buildings. Mirror glass is very essential to provide good interiors. Mirror glass is eco-friendly.

Colored Glass

Colored glass is opaque in appearance. This can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, as cladding for walls and doors, and also on furniture like wardrobe and cupboard doors.

Decorate your home with great interiors using your imagination. This below link might help in building your imagination on your modern interior.


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