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GlobeIn Fair Trade Artisan Subscription Box - The Bedroom Box Review

Updated on February 5, 2016

In November I recieved my third box from GlobeIn, a subscription service providing fair trade artisan products. Well, technically I recieved it in December due to international shipping, but it was the "November box" either way. The these for this month was Bedroom and I have to say, I was absolutely thrilled with this box. After being a bit disappointed by the Cozy box the previous month, I was apprehensive about this one but as it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. If you keep reading this review, you'll no duobt see why I was so happy with this box!

Handwoven Basket from Mexico

As usual, the box contained a handwoven storage basket from Mexico. Instead of the usual high, round, lidded baskets that I recieved with my first two GlobeIn boxes, this time I got a low, square, lidless basket. While I like the regular model, too, I was really happy about the variation and I can see getting a lot of use out of this model. As an added bonus, the color accents was in a gorgeous purple (my favorite color!).

Organic Shea Butter Candle from Ghana

This product is a bit of a two-in-one. It's a scented candle, whose wax can be used for massaging (don't forget to blow out the candle first!). I haven't tried the massage feature yet, but this candle smells wonderfully, and what's more relaxing than candlelight? It's also fun to see more products than food and cotton t-shirts being produced in an organic fashion. The company's etsy store (whose URL can be read on the tin) sells a range of products from these candles to jewelry and pick-your-scent lotions, well worth checking out!

Bud Vase from Nepal

This gorgeous little vase, perfect for a tiny bouquet or just a single flower or bud, comes all the way from Nepal. The preview photos for the Bedroom box showed a slightly different design with smooth sides, but I am really thrilled I got the one I got. I just love the soft, organic shapes, and they work so well with the soft colors and the beautiful glaze. This vase is obviously of great quality, and has instantly become my favorite vase.

Seahorse Pillow Pet from Guatemala

This adorable, peculiar little guy is hands down my favorite part of an otherwise fantastic box. The "pillow pet", as it's called, is a fantastic, whimsical design in bright, cheerful colors (green on one side, blue on the other). These wonderful little critters are made by Guatemalan designer and tailor Silvia Mazariegos (and her family), as a way to fund medical treatment for her sister who has breast cancer. A great cause, and a great product that would work both as a stuffed toy for some lucky kid in your life or just as an adorable throw pillow! I just love it!

Handvowen Bowl from Mexico

This pretty bowl is made from palm by a Mexican artisan, and the first thing I noticed about it was how sturdy the weave is. The walls of the bowl are really thick and the fibers are woven so tightly together than I imagine few things, short of fire, could damage this. Like the regular basket, this one also had purple accents so of course I was quite thrilled with that. It's a great, practical shape and size.

Overall Impression

As I said in the introduction, I am more than pleased with this box. Everything in it is just lovely, though I am particularly smitted with the Pillow Pet and the bud vase. I will cherish these products for a long time to come!


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