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GlobeIn Fair Trade Artisan Subscription Box - The Celebration Box Review

Updated on April 21, 2016

GlobeIn box is a subscription service which sends you a monthly box of beautiful fair trade artisan products. Each box is designed around a particular theme, and the theme for the GlobeIn box for December 2016 was Celebration, a quite appropriate theme for the season. Read on to find out what I thought of that box.

Handwoven basket from Mexico

The handwoven basket is a GlobeIn staple, and this time I got it in a gorgeous green color! Works perfectly in my kitchen. I also really like the zig-zag pattern on this one.

Beaded Necklace from Honduras and Muslin Bag from Haiti

This stylish necklace was made by Tribe Alive, an ethical fashion company which collaborates with designers and companies in impoverished areas (in this case Santa Ana, Honduras). And I will admit: I do tend to prefer when my GlobeIn products are not only made by people in developing areas but also by companies local to those areas to support local entrepreneurship. That being said, I still think there's benifit in companies in "developed" countries collaborating with artists and so on in such areas as well. And it is a rather lovely necklace, not entirely to my taste personally but eminently giftable.

The necklace came in a nice little muslin pouch which was made in Haiti. And if you ask me, one can never have to much small storage items!

Organic Chocolate from The Dominican Republic

I am a big fan of chocolate of all kinds (so long as it's decent-to-high quality, hah) so naturally I was thrilled to find this bar of organic dark chocolate with caramel crunch and sea salt flavor. And let me tell you, it was delicious! Caramel and sea salt is an amazing mix, and the crunchy bits added a nice bit of texture to it.

If I'm being totally honest, I think I would've liked it even better if it was a little darker. 55% cocoa isn't really dark chocolate to me, and the caramel made it taste even sweeter than that. I think something like 60-65% cocoa would've made an even nicer balance. But it was still yummy! I just had to eat small bits at the time.

This cocoa in this chocolate was grown in the Dominican Republic by a co-op of small-scale farmers.

Upcycled Greeting Cards from Malawi

This gorgeous set of greeting cards was hands down my favorite part of the Celebration box (and considering there was chocolate in the box, that's really saying something!). These cards are made of recycled paper decorated with brightly colored and boldly patterned repurposed textile. I'm always a fan of reusing, recycling and repurposing materials, and the fact that the colors and patterns on my cards and envelopes are so gorgeous certainly didn't make me like them any less! I think these cards are really something special, and have put them aside for just the right occasion to give them to someone I care about!

Batik Table Runner from Ghana

This beautiful hand-dyed batik runner was manufactured in Ghana. It's quite long (folded in half in the photo) and has a beautiful pattern and color. I'd actually love to have this on my balcony table because it's so cheerful-looking, but my balcony table is small and square so it's not really suited to the runner format. It also has a different fabric on the other side, but to be honest I'm not that fond of the inverse design (light grey with large, lighter dots). The "right" side looks much nicer! Though I probably should've ironed it before taking the photo!

Overall Impression

Overall I was very happy with this box. I won't say it was a favorite (that's still the Bedroom box so far) but it had some lovely, high-quality stuff in it. I also thought it was very well curated for the theme in mind!


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