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GlobeIn Fair Trade Artisan Subscription Box - The Gather Box Review

Updated on January 3, 2017

The Gather box from GlobeIn is themed around a dinner party - gathering your friends to you for some quality time and some food. It's a lovely collection of items of very satisfactory quality (and the little pamphlet contains a tasty-sounding salad recipe). I once again selected the classic palm leaf basket from Mexico and got a nice green one (somehow I seem to always get green and pink ones - odd!). Let's look at the non-reoccuring products in it.

Neem Wood Salad Grabbers from India

These large wooden salad grabbers are made in India of fragrant neem wood. They are manufactured by a cooperative in rural India. I really love the large size and shape of these; they sort of remind me of hair combs for some reason. They seem really well made and of course they have that lovely neem smell.

Bread Basket from Mexico

This gorgeous bread basket is woven in Mexico with palm leaves. The craftsmanship is absolutely gorgeous, creating the wonderful, curved shape of the basket. I love how large it is, certainly large enough for a big loaf of sliced bread during a dinner or even for other products outside of the kitchen. I particularly like the red band (it looks a little redder in person than in the photo) around the top of it, so pretty.

Recycled Cotton Coasters from India

These lovely coasters made of recycled cotton are made by Indian craft company Craft Boat. There are six hexagonal coasters in the set, each unique in the patterns covering it, and they come with a hexagonal storage box which is also dressed in cotton with a lovely polkadot pattern. I really like these; they have such a modern vibe while simultaneously being made using traditional techniques.

Overall Impression

This was a really lovely box from GlobeIn. I do love getting highly practical items like these, even if decorative items are nice also. My personal favorite is the bread basket, though I also really like the coasters.


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    • Emma Lindhagen profile image

      Emma Lindhagen 13 months ago from Stockholm, Sweden

      I'm glad you enjoy them, Farmer :)

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 13 months ago from United States

      I'm always interested to see what's in your GlobeIn deliveries. Thanks for sharing!