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GlobeIn Fair Trade Artisan Subscription Box - The Rise & Shine Box Review

Updated on July 10, 2016

The GlobeIn box for February 2016 is called Rise & Shine and I have to admit, it's the first time I haven't felt that the name didn't really match the content. I think the idea was that it's breakfast themed but I don't know... something about the name doesn't click with me. That being said, it's still a good, coherent box.

Palm Leaf Basket from Mexico

Another box, another palm leaf basket. And what a lovely green this one is! I've taken to gifting these to friends and loved ones. I usually give those colors that I've more than one of. They also make for a great packaging for other presents: gift and gift-wrapping in one!

Olive Wood Spatula and Spreader from Tunisia

I'll admit most of my kitchen utensil are plastic. I got one of those IKEA kitchen starter sets when I moved out on my own and those dang things have lasted quite a few years now. I do, however, generally prefer using wooden utensil when I can, so I was very happy to get this gorgeous set of olive wood utensils. They've got such lovely shape and colors, and they still have a faint, lovely olive wood smell. I can't wait to use them!

Block Print Pot Holder from India

Cooking, as must of us know, often involve hot stuff, so pot holders are always good things to have. This product looks to be very well-sown, and a good thickness where it keeps the heat away but isn't so think it gets clumsy. Most of he promotional material features a floral print and although that was pretty I was very happy to recieve this geometric print instead. I think it looks very cool!

Argan Almond Butter from Morocco

This was the most interesting product in this basket, because I've never had almond butter before. Nut butters are generally not very common here in Sweden, so I was very curious about this. I ended up having it with some breakfast pancakes, as the little booklet suggested, and I have to say I'm a fan. The taste is quite full but soft, and naturally quite nutty and buttery. It worked really well with the pancakes, but I imagine it would also work well on various types of bread or maybe with some fruit as a tasty snack. If you have access to it, I recommend you try it!

Overall Impression

This was not one of my favorite boxes so far, but not one of my least favorite ones either. It has solid good quality, and a nice theme. My favorite items in it, apart from the gorgeous basket itself, was the almond butter and the spatula. I really appreciated how practical this box was. Pretty things are good, but pretty and practical things are even better! I hope to see more practical boxes like this in future.

What is your favorite pancake topping?

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    • Emma Lindhagen profile imageAUTHOR

      Emma Lindhagen 

      2 years ago from Stockholm, Sweden

      Thanks for the comment, RTalloni. Yes, I am aware that rise and shine is to do with mornings, I just didn't automatically connect the collection of cookery items with mornings specifically.

    • RTalloni profile image


      2 years ago from the short journey

      Never had almond butter? Now you can! :) The basket looks like a neat selection of items. It will be interesting to learn more about these artisan boxes.

      In America rise and shine is definitely an idiom relating to mornings, though it does have Bible origins (see Isaiah 60:1 in an NIV Bible as a good example).


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