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GlobeIn Fair Trade Artisan Subscription Box - The Savour Box Review

Updated on January 3, 2017

I have been a little lax with my GlobeIn reviews lately, but now I am finally back with a review of the Savour box, a cooking-themed box that was first added to their selection of themes in the fall of 2016. I really must say, this is one of my absolute favorite boxes so far! I chose the standard palm leaf basket from Mexico for this box instead of the replacement product. I got a lovely pink one this time (I keep getting pink and green ones for some reason), but since I've showed those in so many reviews I won't post a separate picture here. Let us go through the rest of the contents.

Salt and Pepper Shakers from Palestine

This absolutely gorgeous set of ceramic, hand-painted salt and pepper shakers comes from a family company in Hebron, Palestine. Aren't they gorgeous? I just adore that sort of floral pattern. They are about 10cms/4 inches tall and have a lovely, rounded shape. These are really the sort of shakers that you can have out as a permanent display piece.

Neem Wood Spice Bowl from India

This lovely little wooden spice bowl comes from India and is made of neem (which also means it smells really nice). It is hand-made and as such has a slightly irregular shape which I find adds to the charm. It is not air-tight, so it is not really ideal for all types of spices but it's great for something that is to be kept on the table. Aside from spices, at about 10 cms/4 inches across it is an idea size for after-dinner mints or similar things.

Cermanic Spoon Rest from Palestine

This gorgeous spoon rest matches the shakers above and is made by the same company out of Hebron. It is painted in the same floral pattern in blue and green. It is just over 20 cms/8 inches in length, so it's large enough for ladles used for cooking and the like. There is also a hole in the shaft so it can be hung, either to keep it safe when not in use or, considering how pretty it is, just for display.

Overall Impression

I absolutely adore this box. The set of matching ceramics are a particular favorite for me, they are just so pretty and obviously very meticulously made and painted. I would love to see more matching items like this in the future.


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    • Emma Lindhagen profile image

      Emma Lindhagen 13 months ago from Stockholm, Sweden

      Aren't they just? I love them.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 13 months ago from United States

      The ceramics in this box are gorgeous!