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GlobeIn Fair Trade Subscription Box: The (New) Celebrate Box Review

Updated on March 22, 2019
Emma Lindhagen profile image

Emma is a Swedish university student and fiction writer with a particular love for language and the written word.

The new Celebrate box (accidentally missing the paper rosette).
The new Celebrate box (accidentally missing the paper rosette).

I've been a GlobeIn subscriber for quite some time, but for basically all of 2018 I was diligently pressing the "skip" button (whose existence I'm very grateful for) because my financial situation was strained and I wanted to put off having to renew my subscription until it was better. Now it is, so I decided to start my year off with a couple of GlobeIn boxes. I'm not really sure if the format of the subscription changed during my absence or before, but either way instead of getting a new theme box every month, nowadays you choose between several themed boxes (new and old) and pick the one you want the most before a certain date each month. I had forgotten that'd how it worked now, so I was a bit surprised to get a shipping notification for the Celebrate Box. After all, I already have one of those. Now, there are some GlobeIn boxes I wouldn't mind having two of but Celebrate doesn't top that list so I while waiting for my box I sort of regretted not skipping it.

Turns out I had no reason for regret - the Celebrate box currently available is completely different from the old one. In fact, not a single product is the same. Now, the old Celebrate box was great but I have to say this one was just as good. Just look at those goodies!

Handwoven Basket from Mexico

I do still love the handwoved palm leaf baskets that come with most GlobeIn boxes. In my year without any new boxes, a few of my old baskets have left my posession to serve as fancy, reusable giftwrapping when giving presents to friends. Previously, I've mostly recieved pink and green baskets, and I've been trying to re-home any duplicate colors. This one, though, came with a yellow basket which I hadn't received before. A lovely soft yellow, too, and what a great pattern!

Beautiful and varied colors.
Beautiful and varied colors.

Set of 3 Sari Fabric Wraps from India

I have to admit - I do like when you don't know before hand what colors you're gonna get of something. Or in this case, three somethings. Each of these boxes contain three pieces of upcycled sari fabric, about a meter by a meter in size (so not large but not small either), and judging by other photos I've seen there's a lot of variation in the colors. I was really happy with the selection I got. The pink floral is so pretty and vibrant and the beige, while not entirely my color, I'm setting aside to gift to a friend who I think will love the color. My favorite, though, is the teal and brown one. The teal is such a beautiful, bright color and the brown flowers are just gorgeous. I absolutely adore it! That one, I think, I'll be using as a scarf but I suspect these wraps can be use for a lot of other things too. Reusable giftwrapping, for one thing!

Multi-color Handmade Papers Rosette from Nepal

This pretty paper rosette is made by a women's co-op in Kathmandu. Interestingly, it is not made from regular paper, but rather from Lokta paper which is produced from the bark from some species of shrub (usually called Daphne plants in English). The production of Lokta paper goes back millenia in Nepal, and is apparently having a bit of a renaissence since the 1980s. I'll admit I'd never heard of this craft before receiving this rosette, and to be honest I love when one of the products in a box leads me to learn something new. While the rosette is paper, apparently Lokta paper is known to be quite durable so I doubt it's a one-party kind of deal. With proper storage, and keeping it away from flames, pets and children, I suspect it can add a splash of color to parties for years to come.

Swirl Martini Glasses from Mexico

I saved the best for last in this review. These handmade martini glasses from Mexico are absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad I got them. Beautiful and unique, they're certainly not something you see everday. They're a bit heavier than I would expect from a martini glass, but that doesn't bother me personally. The swirl pattern is really interesting too: from the side it's got a rainbow shimmer, a bit like an oilslick gradient, but when seen from above the swirl is a beautiful red that brings candy canes to mind. The little booklet that comes with every box included two recipes for cocktails, and I can't wait to try them. I'm sure it'll feel very luxurious to drink a chocolate martini from one of these beautiful glasses. Yum!

Overall I was really pleased with this box! Just like the champagne glasses in the original Celebrate box, the glassware in this box were definitely my favorite. Oh, I should probably also mention there was a bonus in the box - a bag of peanut butter and chocolate covered corn puff snacks. They were... not my thing. Just not. But since they were just an extra I don't think that detracts from the box as a whole!

© 2019 Emma Lindhagen


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