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Go Duster Review

Updated on January 17, 2010

The Go Duster

A huge time saver!
A huge time saver!

As Seen On TV: The Go Duster

I hate cleaning. I mean, I really hate cleaning. With the burning passion of a thousand suns. I think you get the picture. So if I can find anything that will make my life even the tiniest bit easier when it comes to cleaning, I will take it. There is no way in the world that I am going to spend 6 hours a day trying to pick up every little speck of dust that happens to come into my house.

Well, here's the thing. I was recently sitting on my couch and watching TV, when a commercial for a product called the Go Duster came on the TV. I am the kind of person that does not trust what they see on TV, especially infomercials and products that are sold on TV. Sorry, but i have just been burned one too many times by products that claim to deliver the world but can't perform as advertised. And it certainly does happen a lot. So I figured that the Go Duster was the same old story. I thought that if I bought it, it would just spread dust around my house and make my allergies worse. And I thought that for a long time.

Well, after I while I had seen this same commercial for the Go Duster over and over. Although I still hated it, a small voice in the back of my mind said, "You know what, just try it out. You can always return it if you are not happy, and you may very well end up being happy with it." It fought that small voice in the back of my mind for several minutes, but eventually I decided, "Hey, it is cheap. I am not risking that much just by trying it out."  And so I did try it out.

I waited a few days for my purchase to arrive in the mail, and when it did, I immediately set out to dust my house. I was hoping that the Go Duster would make my life a little bit easier. Here is what I found:


I found the Go Duster to be very useful in getting into small, tight spaces where I had problems with dusting before. I also found that I was able to significantly reduce the amount of time that it took to dust everything in my house.

The Go Duster comes with a spray that you spray on the Go Duster that is designed to help pick up dust. I found that this spray definitely works as advertised, and I was very happy with the spray as well.

In conclusion, the Go Duster is a fantastic device, and it helps to reduce some of the burning hatred that I have for dusting. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, and I have already recommended it to several of my friends and family.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I was curious whether Go Duster really works. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Linda Tadlock profile image

      Linda Tadlock 6 years ago from Atlanta

      I was curious whether Go Duster really works. Thanks for sharing your experience.