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Go Green In The Bathroom

Updated on April 26, 2013

Save water with eco friendly designs for the bathroom

With lot of things said about global warming and dwindling natural resources and lot of scarcities of all types, designers are really doing their share by designing and inventing things that reduce the use, can be reused and can be recycled. I have been looking at a lot of eco friendly designs and eagerly willing to lap it up however silly it might seem. Yes!! Of course all designs cannot be practical some need to be silly, but who said silly cannot be awesome.

The bathroom industry definitely gets its fair share of eco friendly designs. Showers, baths, basins and complete bathroom suites they all have gone the green way!! Some detect the quantity of water and display how much you have used and make you aware while some utilise recycled water for the purpose of flushing. These designs not only do all that but look sleek and sensational as well and a green goer like me cannot but ogle in amazement.

Many latest bathroom suites include eco friendly fittings that save a lot of water. A simple suite that has water saving faucets and dual flush for the toilet contribute a lot in saving water. The dual flush handles the liquid and solid wastes differently and hence ends up saving a lot more that we can imagine.

Simple ways to preserve and save water in your bathrooms and kitchens

Not only in UK but scarcity of water is a growing global problem that needs to be addressed and simple steps towards it by every individual can make the difference.

  • Turn off the taps and showers properly after use.
  • If there are any leaking taps, baths, or showers in you bathrooms or kitchen sinks get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Do not leave the tap running while you shave or brush
  • Keep a check of the time you spend under the shower!! Believe me it will save a lot of water. Showering for 1 min less than the usual can reduce the use by 1000 gallons of water per year
  • Fill the bath tub only to the required height!! Over filling or letting it overflow is wasteful
  • Run the washing machine only when it is full
  • Reuse water!! Rinse you veggies in a bowl and use the water for plants.

Reusing the basin water for flushing

There are designs and concepts developed for the bathroom where the basin and toilet are combined with a tank and the used basin water goes straight to the tank. This tank then provides water for flushing the toilet. Such designs are also quite compact and can make the best cloakroom suites that will serve your purpose of contributing towards saving water.


Going green doesn’t mean not using the required resources!! it means not being wasteful!!

It is by no means an excuse for not bothering to flush after you use the toilet ;)

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