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Go Green with Solar Lighting

Updated on April 23, 2010

Across the globe, individuals are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints, without having to compromise their lifestyles. Most people have embraced the idea of owning re-usable grocery bags and carpooling to work, but what about changes that you can make around the house? With solar lighting, you will be able to enjoy electric light in a manner that has considerably less impact on the environment, and that could end up saving you money in the long run.

New to Solar Lighting

Solar lights use the energy of the sun, a free and natural resource that is in endless supply, which is captured, by way of a solar panel, and converted into battery power, in order to supply a reliable power source. The technology, which used to be somewhat inaccessible to homeowners, has become much more user-friendly over the past decade, to the point where not only lights, but a great number of small electronic appliances are becoming widely available and in demand.

For those new to the concept of solar lighting, it is advisable to start small and to build gradually once you are accustomed to the idea. A great place to start is outdoors, since the lights will be turned off during the daytime hours, allowing their batteries to be charged fully for night time use.

Outdoor, Garden, Patio, or Path

Outdoor lights can be useful for decorative and for security purposes. They may be situated on the patio, in the driveway, by the front and back doors, and even in the lawn or garden. The next time you are considering adding to, or updating, your outdoor lighting system, inquire at your local home hardware store about the available solar garden lights, umbrella lights, and spotlights, and how they are installed.

A few of the common arguments that people tend to have with regards to solar powered electricity include its effectiveness, and its cost. The effectiveness of your solar power system will depend upon a number of factors, including the size and positioning of your solar panel(s), and the quality and age of your batteries. It is true that if there is a succession of dark days with no sun exposure, battery power can wane, but with modern setups, running out of power completely is a very uncommon occurrence.

Costs of Initial Setup?

A solar lighting set up will cost more, at face value, than a traditional electric set up. There is a logical reason for this price difference: Once the solar panel and batteries are set up, the system is essentially self-sufficient, with the exception of regular maintenance of its various components. In other words, your monthly electricity bill will be considerably lower, and the solar powered system will end up paying for itself in no time, ultimately saving you money while your conscience and your carbon footprint remain clean.

How to Install Outdoor Lighting for Gardens, Patios, and Walkways


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