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Impact Specialties Brings a New Evolution to Interior Design

Updated on February 18, 2015
Specialty Flooring Done by Impact Solutions to help with directing customer flow
Specialty Flooring Done by Impact Solutions to help with directing customer flow

the Evolution to Impact Specialties

For years, Grand Entrance has offered a suite of functional architectural building products to the retail, restaurant, and hotel markets. Their customers have grown with them, trusted in their products, and valued the relationships with their team.

In the end, the name Grand Entrance proved to be limiting, considering their growth in the marketplace and the products they sell.

Today, they are proud to announce that their name and brand has evolved into Impact Specialties.

Impact Specialties represents an expansion in their business that enables them to make a more powerful impact in their customer’s built environment. Their expanded suite of products are more than just functional but enable their customers to transform their brand vision into reality.

One of the many 3d Wall Panels Offered within Decorative Walls by Impact Specialties
One of the many 3d Wall Panels Offered within Decorative Walls by Impact Specialties | Source
Close up of "Azalea" 3d wall panel
Close up of "Azalea" 3d wall panel

Decorative Walls - The Evolution of Interior Design

Their goal is to deliver a palette of product solutions that enables their customers to extend their brand, assist in the definition of new store concepts, enrich the overall customer experience.

With the current trends of localizing facility design and creating unique customer experiences at each location, mass reproduction of the same prototype is becoming less and less the norm. Expectations for their customers are at an all-time high, to support that they are pleased to announce their new product category Decorative Walls.

Their Decorative Walls comprise of carved panels, molded sheets, decorative screens, textured wood veneers and other natural materials.

These products are designed to give their customers a unique experience, as well as elevate the look and feel of any space. Decorative Walls brings a new evolution to interior design offering 3d wall panels, decorative screens, slate veneers, gypsum panels and many other classy and affordable interior innovations.

Aesthetic Floor Protection Solutions

Aesthetic specialty entrance flooring solutions can be customized to match main floor.
Aesthetic specialty entrance flooring solutions can be customized to match main floor. | Source

Being able to bring a unique and aesthetic look to floor protection, we wanted to introduce a product that would give users an even greater option of personifying their floor design as well create a custom product that can be resized to fit custom spaces. From this idea came the creation of our floormation line. Floormation brings a new way to track dirt, debris and water from entering your building that looks like nothing that has come before it. This product also brings a more accessible and customizable approach to our floor protection line by enabling our customers to create a seamless transition between their entrance flooring and the main floor. This allows for a more dynamic interior design that will fit the theme of your commercial space while still providing the full functionality of floor protection. With exciting styles, many surface options and even the ability to inspire your own design, creating a dramatic entrance has never been easier.

Impact Specialties Promo Video


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