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Granite, for the perfect finish to your home

Updated on September 16, 2014

Granite is by far one of the most popular forms of naturally occurring stone to be used in architectural construction and interior decoration around the world. Its coarse, granular structure and massive crystalline form makes it an obvious choice for parts of your home that need strong, hard, reliable surfaces and a sturdy, unshakeable foundation.

The Rock For Your Fortress

Granite melts at only very high temperatures (1215-1260 degrees Celsius) and has very high density. It has incredibly compressive strength, making it an ideal choice for construction of all kinds. In fact, Granite is an igneous rock, which means that it is moulded from the magma that spews from volcanoes during eruptions. In case you have forgotten your Geography lessons, igneous rocks are older, and far stronger than the relatively recent layers of sedimentary rock that lie on atop the earth’s bed. No wonder kings and emperors from as far back as the 11th century have been using this basement rock to construct their towering monuments and temples.

Chinese granite
Chinese granite

To this day, granite’s popularity as construction material is unparalleled – It is used pervasively as a dimension stone to tile the floors in public buildings and halls around the world. In fact, the city of Aberdeen in Scotland is the built almost entirely from granite sourced locally, and known aptly as the Granite City.

Move Over, Marble!

In fact, with acid rain becoming an increasing reality in all parts of the world, granite is slowly gaining ground over marble as the preferred choice for homes and buildings, as it is far more resistant to the eroding power of acid than the ubiquitous marble.

China’s gift

One of the most popular forms of construction granite is the Golden Yellow granite. This is by far the most oft used form of the crystalline rock, usually sourced from the country of China. It can be used for a variety of purposes, and is an ideal choice for interiors – be it your kitchen, your bathroom, living room or patio – practically any part of your home. If you are designing your modular kitchen, this will sit pretty on your countertop. You can also choose them to tile your walls and floors. You can also use them outdoors: for instance, they are a durable choice for palisades and can be used to pave your porch or line your kerbstone.

Brazilian beauty

Another attractive option among granite types is the Santa Cecilia variety. Also known as St Cecilia, Giallo Santa Cecilia or Amarello Santa Cecilia, this stone is sourced from the South American nation of Brazil. This is popular mostly because of its color and natural beauty. It has a speckled pattern that is dotted with black, gold and brown which make it look stunning and much in demand. Santa Cecilia granite is immensely versatile too for any kind of construction use – whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, the portico or your floors. The light yellow color with honey and burgundy bursts makes it an attractive choice for interiors, adding warmth and color to your living space.

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