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Grass trimmer and disaster day for my garden grass and frogs and snails

Updated on June 27, 2008

We go shopping every Friday or Saturday. We can take the free bus to Tesco on Friday, or we have to walk a short distance to Sainsbury's on Saturday.

We went shopping at Tesco as usual this morning, and got down from the bus at the corner of Queen's Way, not far away from our house, but I had to carry home the large, heavy DEBENHAM shopping bag of vegetables, fruits, bottles and cans, boxes and wraps. My wife had to carry three more plastic bags which includes a large watermelon. She walked so slow that I had to stop outside a house and waited for her.

I watched an old man working on his garden, he was trimming the grass, he was so concentrating on his job that didn't notice me and my daughter at all. So when he finished the edge, and lifted up his head, he seems startled a little, then he smiled and said: "Good morning!"

Grass Trimmer

I praised his garden, which is so clean and tidy, the grass are so short, but the grass in my garden are taller than my daughter.

I admired his grass trimmer. I haven't any idea of lawnmower or grass trimmer, only thing I thought was that lawnmower must be very expensive. Before we pay off our mortgage, a lawnmower or a wooden fence or garden gate couldn't be included in our budget. But our garden grass are growing like mad, now it's taller than my 4 years old daughter!

I noticed "Flymo" on the trimmer, which must be the brand name, and then asked the old man how much does that cost. His answer surprised me. Actually we can make our garden as clean and tidy as our neighbour's with this 12 quids grass trimmer!

The old man said I can borrow the trimmer if I want. He has three grass trimmers. While he was speaking, he went to garden shed, brought us another two, but one has no plug, another has strange plug which we don't know how can we find a socket for it.

He said that I can fix a plug by myself, while he was speaking, he went to the garden shed again, and brought us a spare plug, and screwdriver, and fixed it for us. Then to my surprise, show us how to use the trimmer. A grass trimmer is so simple, only a nylon trimmerline and a tiny blade fitting on the guard, when the electric engine rolling, the trimmerline hit the grass to the blade, the grass get cut! We never knew it before!

At last, he went to his garden shed again, and found a long extension lead with that strange socket for us, and fit the trimmerline for us, too. Then I asked his name, "Burnie", he said, "I always see you walk this way."

Grass in my garden are taller than my daughter
Grass in my garden are taller than my daughter

I hurt a frog and killed a snail and an accident

I came home with the grass trimmer, and started tidy my garden straight away. It did the job. My daughter wanted to try, but it's too heavy for her, so I holded it with her. Unfortunately, the flying grass bit hit my daughter's eyes, she started to cry. This frighten the soul out of my body. I asked my daughter to open her eye, she did, then I knew she didn't become blind!

After she stopped crying and stayed far away from the garden, I resumed my work. Suddenly, I saw a frog startled out of the grass, it's left front leg was bleeding and dangling! I cut his leg!

I felt so sorry for the frog, and wait till he hopped away very difficultly and awkwardly, then continued cutting very carefully. But, alas, I heard a crash under my shoes. I stamped on the snail, and the shell has been smashed!

It's a disaster day for my garden grass and frogs and snails.


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    • jim.sheng profile image

      Dalriada Books Ltd 9 years ago from UK

      Than you Tetanrose. My daughter had a Royal Garden Fancy Dress party in her nursery that day, we just dressed her up and took the picture in our garden.

      Most of the girls in the nursery dressed up as princess, boys dressed up as gallant knights or gentle princes, one boy had a very funny beard, another wore a suit of armor with a huge shield on his left hand and long broadsword on his right hand.

      They all looked very happy!

    • TetonRose profile image

      TetonRose 9 years ago from Utah

      I'm glad your neighbor was so generous with both the use of the trimmer and the instructions on how to use it and how to fix the plug.

      You might want to not cut the grass quite so close to the ground so you can avoid injuring the frogs and any other living creatures in your garden. :-) It takes some practice to learn to use a trimmer and get the grass cut to the height you want it. Soon, however, you will learn just how to hold it so the grass is the only thing that gets cut.

      I would suggest using safety glasses when you are using the trimmer. That will help protect your eyes from possible injury.

      I think this neighbor would probably be very happy to teach you many things you may have questions about. He would probably be very pleased if you asked him questions about how to do things or about things you don't understand. Many older people are pleased to be asked for help by younger people. It helps the older people feel like they are still worthwhile to others.

      Also, your daughter is a very beautiful girl. :-)

    • jim.sheng profile image

      Dalriada Books Ltd 9 years ago from UK

      Yes, my neighbour is so generous that I can't believe my ear when I heard he could lend us the trimmer. As a Chinese I never trust my English especially speaking and listening. I asked my wife if that old man wanted to lend me the trimmer! She was not sure either.

      My daughter has already learned the lesson,  knows "it's dangerous". Thank you for your advice.

    • Hoodala profile image

      Hoodala 9 years ago from Mesa

      That is a very generous neighbor you have there. I am glad your daughter is okay, trimmers can throw small stones very fast for a good distance so I would recommend that you leave her inside next time.