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Green Disinfectants and other Cleaning Info

Updated on February 3, 2013

Disinfectant Spray Bottle


So Many Cleaners... What Does it All Mean?

There are so many surface cleaning products out there: bleach, Lysol wipes, Pine Sol, Fantastic and other sprays... Some say they're green. What does all of this mean? Which ones are safe for children and all loved ones? What is the difference between these products and which do I want in my home? These are questions I intend to help answer!


A friend told me about using vinegar to clean surfaces. She said it was completely safe to be around unlike the harsh chemicals like bleach. So I started doing it.

I bought a big spray bottle for $1 at the dollar store and then I just filled it with half white vinegar and half water.

But it smelled. Pretty strongly.

Pinterest gave me the solution to this problem! Put your white vinegar in a masen jar with an orange peel. Let it sit for two weeks. It soaks up all the citrus and smells much better.

But does it disinfect?

This article on mentions Heinz spokesperson, Michael Mullen, saying:

The kind of vinegar found in the stores "kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, 80% of germs (viruses)".

The reason they can't claim to be a disinfectant on the bottle is simply that they haven't registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).


I've learned to be a little more wary of chemicals. They're not natural and have side effects. You also have to pay attention to which chemicals are coming into contact with one another because that could cause adverse effects as well.

Bleach isn't actually natural. Though it uses table salt, the process it goes through to become bleach makes it less safe than green alternatives.

Look for ingredients in cleaners that you can pronounce.

Do some research to see which chemicals are safe and which should be avoided. We eat and prepare food on our surfaces so using natural cleaners could make your home a little safer.


One thing I LOVE about Vinegar is that it's CHEAP! You can get a big bottle for just a few dollars. And if you put it in a spray bottle, diluting it with water, you can save even more money. It goes a long way when it's in a spray bottle. :)

You can also buy a six pack of rags at your grocery store for between $3 - $6 to use instead of paper towels. This way you can clean with vinegar, reuse the rags, and wash them.

Green cleaning doesn't have to be expensive!! Switching to this method is one of the main reasons I switched to environmentally-friendly cleaners.

Who Has Gone Green in the Kitchen?

Do You Use Green Cleaners to Wash Your Surfaces?

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I'd Love to Hear...

Whether or not you use Green Cleaners and WHY or WHY not! I am still trying to learn about all of this myself. So if you use green cleaners, which are your favorites! If not, if you find the chemical cleaners you use to be safe, please let me know which ones. I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!! :)


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    • msshandriaball profile image

      Shandria Ball 3 years ago from Anniston

      Very useful hub!