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Growing Tomatoes for Profit

Updated on September 8, 2010

Growing Tomatoes for Profit

A lot of people believe that it is really easy to make money with growing tomatoes. The truth is that you can make a good profit but it is not as easy as it seems. Although you might not believe this, tomatoes are vegetables that have a very big cost to crop at first when compared to others. Fortunately for us we are in front of a very big tomato market that can weild in a very good result if all is properly done. Remember that a tomato is a crop for warmer seasons that can not properly resist frost. If the right climate is realith then not many problems can appear. If not there is a need for you to think about using greenhouses or even growing tomatoes indoors.

In order to grow your tomatoes for profits you will need to keep control of the entire planting and growing process. 8000 plants can appear from just one ounce of good seeds but only when quality is high. You have to always make sure that your seeds are purchased from growers with a really good reputation. Always consider the best possible planting dates that are comfortably suitable in your location. The perfect times are different, all based on where you actually live. We also need to recommend you to take one soil sample and properly analyze it. This is to aid much when determining the fertilizer type that has to be used.

You do need a good proper distance between your rows. In most cases they need to be around 6 feet apart. Also, there is a need for space for seedlings too. Around 24 inches is a perfect distance between them. Your soil has to be properly watered whenever you are transplanting tomatoes. Never make any transplant if you are faced with hot weather. Make sure that you pay attention to irrigation too. Tomatoes do need good quantities of water in order to develop properly. Also, when harvesting make sure that you do it in the morning and not while the weather is too hot.


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