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Growing Cactus

Updated on May 7, 2008

Cactus is a desert plant but it can be grown almost anywhere. There are many varieties of cactus. Even if you dislike cactus in general, its impossible that you won't like a single cactus when you see all its varieties.

Cactus can be grown for various reasons. Some of them are given below:

Minimal Watering Requirements

Cactus can survive for years without water. That not just a bookish statement or something read from a book and reproduced here. Its my personal experience.

Cactus can be kept in really good condition by watering it occasionally although frequent watering wouldn't harm it at all.

So if you are a very busy person and like to grow plants and at the same time you don't have enough time to water them you should go for the cactus.

Cactus flowers are extremely beautiful

Cactus flowers are really beautiful. Having flowers on an extremely thorny plant like cactus seems just terrific. I bet that you can't fully appreciate the beauty of the cactus flowers just by watching them in this hub. It would be a great idea if

you grow them and see these flowers yourself.

Miniature Cactus

There are many varieties of cactus that can be grown in very small pots. You can keep these pots anywhere you wish, even in your room. Since these plants require very small amounts of water there isn't any danger of messing up the floor or walls with water.

Good for making hedges

Do you believe that anything like this can let anything pass through?

Cactus - a good choice for rockery gardens

Rockery gardens can be beautifully adorned with cactus.

The best thing about cactus is that they can be planted really easily. They can be multiplied just by cutting off small part of their stem and planting it somewhere else in the ground. Roots would automatically grow and that stem would start off as a new plant.


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