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Growing watermelon

Updated on August 21, 2014

In order to grow watermelons it is good to follow some steps which I will describe them in this article.

Find a Location for Your Watermelon Garden

First, you should find a location for your watermelon garden and you have to prepare the soil. The type of soil that watermelons like is loamy, fertile, and well- drained. Also watermelons need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. You must keep in mind that watermelons produce large spreading vines, so you should allow good space for this, approximately 6 feet between rows.

After you get rid of the weeds you should use a tractor or a hoe to form mounds of earth to plant seeds in. You should space these 2 to 6 feet apart. An important fact is that if you build the soil up at individual planting locations helps assure that the soil is loose enough for the roots to grow, allow oxygen to each of them with ease and let excess moisture drain away from direct contact with the roots of your plant.

Choose the Variety of Watermelon

Another important step is to choose the variety of watermelon you want to grow. There are different sizes from 3 to 70 pounds with either red or yellow flesh. Among the best options for large size watermelons you have Jubilee, Charleston Grey, and Congo and for the small size you have Sugar Baby and Ice Box.

After you choose the watermelon you have to plant it. You have to form a flat, concave surface on top of the hill, then poke three or four holes in the soil with your finger or with a tool about 1 inch deep. After that you should put 1 to 4 seeds in each hole, and then rake the dirt flat over the top of the seeds.

The next step is to watch for the sprouts to appear. The seeds will germinate in about 7- 10 days depending on the soil temperature and the depth. You should keep the soil moist around the seeds during the germination period.

When you see the flower bloom, you should water the fruit every 3 days if dry. Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t over water because watermelons have a low water requirement.

Weed Regularly

Also another step is to weed regularly. A good advice is to weed around base, along and ahead of the vines.

Harvest the Watermelons

The last step is to harvest the watermelons. Usually, under perfect conditions the watermelons will mature in 4 months of warm weather. In order to harvest, all you need is a knife and cut the watermelons cleanly from the vine.


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