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The Mini Kitchen Oven - All About using Halogen Ovens

Updated on September 16, 2013

Every day, thousands of individuals search for the most convenient ways to complete daily tasks, especially cooking. Technology is constantly upgraded, with new features based on how we cook and what tools we use to get cooking done in the kitchen. What if you had a cooking appliance that could speed up the process of cooking. In the case that you are still using a toaster oven or either a microwave in order to bake foods – you may want to upgrade to a better appliance. Halogen ovens are perfect for these tasks and are easier to use than regular appliances.

How Does a Halogen oven Work?

A halogen oven actually holds a glass container, containing a lid with halogen bulbs. It also has a very powerful fan. What happens is that the light bulbs will heat up the air within the container. After, the fan will circulate this heat until it reaches around the food, cooking it. Just like with a regular oven, you can set the temperatures however you like. These temperatures can be set to broiling, steaming, dehydrating, and even defrosting. As you can see, the Halogen oven is definitely an advanced piece of technology used for cooking. Did you know that some of these halogen ovens include a microwave that is built in? This can be extremely versatile and has many benefits for those who like to cook. If you are an at home chef, you can utilize this equipment for testing some new at home recipes in which you can use in the work place later. One particular benefit of this is that you no longer have to flip over steaks to check to see if they are overcooked on one side, and raw on the other. The heated air actually circulates around the meat, making sure that everything gets cooked evenly.

Why do you like Halogen ovens?

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Top Reasons to Go with Halogen Ovens instead

It’s easy to get rid of your current appliances and go with the Halogen oven instead, but you may be wondering – why should you upgrade? What are the top reasons to go with Halogen ovens instead? There are many benefits that you may want to consider. Here is a list of a few of these reasons we have gathered for you.

Your cooking time is cut in half. The oven cooks food at least two times as fast as a regular oven. It can also cook quicker than an oven as well, depending on the type of food you are cooking. This allows you more time for cleaning up in the kitchen and tending to other tasks that need to be done.

The glass container is spacious which allows you to place as much food as you’d like. Well, almost more than a regular oven of course. It is possible to cook around 8lbs of meat if you add the extender ring. Some Halogen ovens also allow you to cook a whopping 16lbs of meat.

Another benefit of the Halogen oven is that you can bring it anywhere with you. It is not stuck to the wall with tons of cables and you can simply pick it up, and add it to the car for the next camping trip. Halogen ovens are extremely light weight and easy to carry around, so feel free to bring it wherever you like.

The best benefit of a Halogen oven is that it uses about 75% less power. This means you can save a handful of money each month just by using this oven instead of a traditional one.

Also, the price is just perfect. In fact, compared with a traditional oven – it is much cheaper. With traditional ovens, expect to pay anywhere from $200 to even $1,000 but with this oven, you will definitely save money, having the price tag just below $150.


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